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eddiction  [ eddiction ]
Страна:Sevilla, Испания
Видео: Kizumonogatari
Музыка: EDEN - crash
Жанр: Drama, Story, Romance
Время: 3:34
Добавлен: 23.12.2018
Просмотров: 4607
Комментарий автора
The loss of a loved one, something we have all experienced or will experience throughout our lives.

About the story:

This video follows a restructure of the original Kizumonogatari films story between Koyomi Araragi and Tsubasa Hanekawa. In the beginning, Araragi sees Hanekawa die in front of him, which causes him great pain and sorrow.

Following up, two events before her death are shown: The first time they met and then a situation where Araragi cuts off their relationship. Because of this situation, Hanekawa finds Araragi fighting and tries to get their relationship back the way it was again, but she dies in the process (the start of the video).

The next two events shown in the video occur after Hanekawa's death. In the first one, Hanekawa comes from heaven so she can meet Araragi once again and tell him he was not responsible for her death. In the end, Araragi feels so alone without her, but realizes he should move forward with his life and accept what happened, knowing that he will always be in her heart from wherever she may be.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 24)
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  Lucidity (05 января 2019, 09:26)  
I thought you couldn't upload videos to YouTube for this contest?
  Axiles (02 января 2019, 21:13)  
  eddiction (02 января 2019, 15:14)  
» Anejo
I tried using Google translate but it sucks and I wanted to make sure of what you were saying man. I think you can definitely make romance out of monogatari, but maybe it was me who didn't execute it properly. About the transitions, I realized I should have used other type of transitions for this contest maybe. Maybe they're too harsh as you say for this type of story, plus people in here like other type of transitions as I've seen in other entries (its my first time participating here). Thanks for the feedback man! Appreciate it, it makes me improve so I'll always take it <3

Added (after 5 min. and 36 sec.):

» Radical Dream
Yup, I could have made more simple transitions so they don't draw much attention as you said so people could focus more in the story. I will take the advice for the next :)
  Radical Dream (02 января 2019, 08:44)  
I couldnt feel the rhytm because of that camera transitions you put in EVERY scene, its comepletely ruining your video.
I would suggest you to disable all of it and think on some new transitions (it can be simple, but for sure, must not draw so much attention)
  Anejo (02 января 2019, 03:27)  
» eddiction:
I don't speak russian so I don't know what the russian comments are saying :(
Google translator)
Neither can I speak spanish, and it is quiet uncomfortable when part of the conversation is carried here in this language. As Russian proverb says - when speaking in the company more than of 2 people one should do it out loudly)))

In brief
- the music is a bit dull and boring (imo of course, not standing it would be so for most of the audience) and hardly it can cought attention with the same monotonous video-sequence;
-straight-forward romance with ***gatary is not worth making, Hanekawa's face at list looking too humorous with this particular song. The ironical mood of the anime itself contradicted with the ideas you were trying to express in your vid;
-technically the monotonous transitions aren't good. Circle-like spinning movements are also in dissonance with the idea od the story (not a trash, not an old-school-looking action). And they give no value to the transitions at all;
-Defocus is also looking too intentional
  eddiction (02 января 2019, 02:26)  
» InsanitySupporter
Muchas gracias y me alegro de encontrar un español por aqui! Por lo que veo este estilo no es muy apoyado por aqui jaja, es la primera vez que participo en akross y me ha quedado claro eso xD. Otra cosa es que como ponen los comentarios en ruso no entiendo nada y el traductor de google no ayuda mucho, alguna sugerencia para esos coments? ;-;

Added (after 3 min. and 37 sec.):

I don't speak russian so I don't know what the russian comments are saying :(

Added (after 33 sec.):

» HonyxOtaku

Added (after 1 min. and 6 sec.):

» Fataleditz
thanks man, worked hard on it
  InsanitySupporter (01 января 2019, 22:49)  
Ohhh eres de España, hace tiempo que no veía un video de otro hispano por aqui.
A veces el twixtor que aplicaste a diversas escenas no se veía lo suficientemente fluido y hacía que se viera raro el video.
Dejando de lado eso, me gustó, la verdad este no es mi estilo favorito de AMVs pero creo que el tuyo es bueno, creo que la canción pega con tu idea, siento que si la lograste transmitir, tienes sync adecuada y el uso de efectos fue balanceado, no lo sentí sobresaturado ni nada, bien hecho! Mucha suerte en el concurso :smile:
  MesoGear (01 января 2019, 15:43)  
По моему, все эти блюры совершенно ужасно смотрятся, а бесконечны транзишены очень быстро начинают утомлять, в остальном сам клип тоже ничем не зацепил.
  reice (31 декабря 2018, 14:28)  
а в припеве его голос так запитчен?
  Fynjy (31 декабря 2018, 14:20)  
Ваше Паучество! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
Не будьте таким жадинкой, там еще четыре клипа, не с этим же картоном НГ встречать. ♪(´ε` )
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