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Ridiculous  [ -Ridiculous ]
Location:Shanghai, China
Video: Various [ Liz and the Blue Bird, Hibike! Euphonium, Koe no Katachi, 5 Centimeters per Second, Your Name, Tamako Love Story, White Album, Yagate Kimi ni Naru, Hyouka, Violet Evergarden, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Original Animation ]
Audio: Ofelia K - Gone
Genre: Character Profile, Drama, Romance
Length: 3:57
Added: 13.01.2019
Viewed: 21646
Author's Commentary
It's a flashback of Mizore, and also a transient moment in those two girls' lives. Everyone has some good friends in their student lives, though we will finally meet the separation. However, we are still living under the same sky, breathing the same air. Sometimes the memory will burst out in the single night. Hope this work can make you remember something that are or were IMPORTANT to you.
btw, it's my first time to take part in AKROSS. Hope you will enjoy this video~

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Viewers Comments (total: 101)
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  Bisco (28 January 2019, 10:40)  
The design is very innovative.And the quick switching of the last part of the lens makes my heart beat very fast. I love it!
  Иисус (28 January 2019, 10:06)  
Молодцы! Мне очень нравится, Спасибо
  Unueco unuiĝo mito (28 January 2019, 09:28)  
  Монстр у смогу (28 January 2019, 08:57)  
Думаю, це чемпіон.
  Genio idiota (28 January 2019, 08:45)  
Increible!!! :inlove:
This is the best Liz and the Blue Bird's AMV I have ever seen. I will download it and study the editing techniques carefully. I believe that the author is an emotionally rich and thoughtful girl, otherwise she can't show the meaning of this AMV so thoroughly.
  -Ridiculous (28 January 2019, 05:44)  
» Moonoob
i am so glad that you can meet a change. To me it's the highest award that i can have. Thanks a lot! My effort is worthy.
  Moonoob (27 January 2019, 20:02)  
This video actually gave me a deep feeling. I also had a close friend but she is not in a country with me now, and we have never contacted since the university. Seeing this film now reminds me of the good times I had spent with her. My tears can't help but flow down. I decided to contact her again, hoping to find the happiness at that time. You are right, we still live in the same sky, breathing the same air. Thank you for bringing me such a touching video. :-)
  Po-LAB$ar (27 January 2019, 19:37)  
Best Romance in 2018
  GolDog (27 January 2019, 18:02)  
One of my fav. :inlove:
It is so beautiful that is already suffocating. Although the pattern is somewhat smaller than other excellent works, the author is very good at showing the feelings of the two girls. Such AMV can already be called artwork.
  Death_Kn1ght (27 January 2019, 12:08)  
Очень сильная работа , Спасибо ^_^
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