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Ridiculous  [ -Ridiculous ]
Location:Shanghai, China
Video: Various [ Liz and the Blue Bird, Hibike! Euphonium, Koe no Katachi, 5 Centimeters per Second, Your Name, Tamako Love Story, White Album, Yagate Kimi ni Naru, Hyouka, Violet Evergarden, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Original Animation ]
Audio: Ofelia K - Gone
Genre: Character Profile, Drama, Romance
Length: 3:57
Added: 13.01.2019
Viewed: 20559
Author's Commentary
It's a flashback of Mizore, and also a transient moment in those two girls' lives. Everyone has some good friends in their student lives, though we will finally meet the separation. However, we are still living under the same sky, breathing the same air. Sometimes the memory will burst out in the single night. Hope this work can make you remember something that are or were IMPORTANT to you.
btw, it's my first time to take part in AKROSS. Hope you will enjoy this video~

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Viewers Comments (total: 101)
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  Shiroi yoru (26 January 2019, 15:38)  
» -Ridiculous
Uh..I know what you mean. That's.. a good idea.Of course if I take this shot independently to analyse, it is perfect. I'm not mean to criticize your work. I just want to express that maybe it can be better if its connection with the whole be a little tighter. But actually this is already a great video enough. As for the "firework" you explained, I seem to know roughly what you want to express. Thx for your reply.
  -Ridiculous (26 January 2019, 14:08)  
Thanks for your advice
  NIGHT (26 January 2019, 13:51)  
Музыка - боян.
Отличный монтаж, прекрасное совмещение разных исходников и обработка.

02:47-02:53 - очень зря автор запихнул столько деталей под этот фрагмент аудиотрека, у него получилась рассинхронизация.
И в отдельных моментах лица крупным планом смотрелись не особо хорошо.

Сам клип красивый, но холодный. Передать эмоции у автора не получилось.

  Megamen (26 January 2019, 13:24)  
  -Ridiculous (26 January 2019, 12:32)  
» TeaBlack
Newbie is for AMV lol. Well my style is not quite suitable for AMV cause that story telling is more import than editing flow to me. It's a big question i need to deal. However, it's enough that audience will like my work. It will push me forward. Thank you guys!

Added (after 8 min. and 26 sec.):

» Anejo
Thanks! i really need to learn more xD
  TeaBlack (26 January 2019, 11:59)  
» -Ridiculous
Mercy! It seems to me that you're talented enough as a newbie author. btw your AMV style has impressed on me a lot.
  -Ridiculous (26 January 2019, 11:32)  
» Shiroi yoru
You mean the firework scene? Well it's a kind of metaphor, which is famous in Asia, especially Japanese Story. Just like sakura or anything else that carry the information of "transient". I really want to make a scene like these, where i separate those two girls though they were still under the same firework, and watching it independently.
  Shiroi yoru (26 January 2019, 11:15)  
Smooth storytelling
Excellent scene selection
Airy colour assortment
Exquisite emotional expression
High quality animation material (I love Liz and the Blue Bird)
Elegant atmosphere
High fit between the screen and music

an unidentified shot in the middle
maybe it can add a little more conflict

Overall this's a a highly accomplished work although the plot's getting a bit lost in the middle. I think it's beautiful&nice enough.Good luck getting a high ranking
  -Ridiculous (26 January 2019, 10:18)  
» TeaBlack
oop i have participated big contest 2018(the last place finally), akross is my first time.
  TeaBlack (26 January 2019, 09:22)  
Is it really your first time to take part in this kind of competition?I wonder if you're some experienced AMVer in disguise
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