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Ridiculous  [ -Ridiculous ]
Location:Shanghai, China
Video: Various [ Liz and the Blue Bird, Hibike! Euphonium, Koe no Katachi, 5 Centimeters per Second, Your Name, Tamako Love Story, White Album, Yagate Kimi ni Naru, Hyouka, Violet Evergarden, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Original Animation ]
Audio: Ofelia K - Gone
Genre: Character Profile, Drama, Romance
Length: 3:57
Added: 13.01.2019
Viewed: 21647
Author's Commentary
It's a flashback of Mizore, and also a transient moment in those two girls' lives. Everyone has some good friends in their student lives, though we will finally meet the separation. However, we are still living under the same sky, breathing the same air. Sometimes the memory will burst out in the single night. Hope this work can make you remember something that are or were IMPORTANT to you.
btw, it's my first time to take part in AKROSS. Hope you will enjoy this video~

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Viewers Comments (total: 101)
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  AtElarAMV (26 January 2019, 09:04)  
Crazy work!!!!!!!!
I love it soooooooo much!!!!!!!
:inlove: :inlove:
  Keyloud (26 January 2019, 08:45)  
This film has a pretty good look. The color collocation and transformation well match the emotional ups and downs in the film. You can see the author's delicate mind and profound editing skills. I personally love the part in 2:44-2:54, which is a pretty dramatic 10 seconds. The author's skill seems rather sophisticated. I am looking forward to seeing your other works and I think I will enjoy them too. :smile:
  TeaBlack (26 January 2019, 07:28)  
This AMV's color palette brings a warm and comfortable feeling. After watching this AMV, I will feel a burst of emotion from inside to outside. Some of them seem to be very hard work, and I feel that some of them are completely re-painted by the author, giving a sense of refreshing. Overall it's fantastic and I think it has the potential to be a champion.
  FT AMVs (26 January 2019, 02:33)  
Damn!! I love it sooooo much!! :inlove: :inlove:
I love the atmosphere of the video and the anime / music combo
You transmitted me your work, thank you very much 10
  Anejo (26 January 2019, 02:12)  
» -Ridiculous:

Light, breezy, "as soft as the air") It's a compliment to the overall mood and edit
  -Ridiculous (26 January 2019, 02:10)  
» Iren S.S.
How to understand airy?
  Iren S.S. (25 January 2019, 21:13)  
I really liked the mood and the "airy" atmosphere you conveyed here. It flows really well due to nice work with sources, strong technique and good m/v combination. Well done!
  Sonicfreak (25 January 2019, 18:55)  
A very calming watch yet it has that dramatic undertone story wise. I really enjoy it, the extra elements you incorperated also add a lot to the overall mood of the edit.
  ICEberg (25 January 2019, 17:22)  
но мимо
  g4nzo (25 January 2019, 17:17)  
Realyy beautifull, good job, my fav in contest !
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