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Kouha  [ Kouha ]
Страна:Shanghai, Китай
Видео: Kizumonogatari
Музыка: Delta Heavy - In Dreams (Intro)
Жанр: Psychedelic, Story, Drama
Время: 2:00
Добавлен: 01.10.2019
Просмотров: 5321
Комментарий автора
Did I wake up from this nightmare? How many times did I wake up?
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 29)
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  cegan (11 января 2020, 21:16)  
well done with the 3D environment - silly me thought it was a part of the anime!
  AnimeFanaticBoy (11 января 2020, 20:49)  
Not bad man
  Radical Dream (10 января 2020, 07:00)  
» Kouha:
And my computer's performance doesn't allow me to use excessive samples
In this case, on of the most popular solution is to render things separately and then, multiply it yourself. At least i did it few times with some real heavy stuff. You can even add some DOF later, since the map here is pretty easy to read.
  Kouha (10 января 2020, 05:29)  
» Radical Dream
Thanks for your comments.The whole original scene was created by myself, except the tree model was created in SpeedTree.In fact, these models are very simple. They are all composed of simple box words without any complex structure, but it still takes me a long time.My rendering samples are low.At first I used the Arnold renderer, which has a better effect.But the rendering time is very long.The first classroom scene uses the Arnold renderer, and the rest uses the redshift renderer.I would take a long time to render if I set the samples value very high.And my computer's performance doesn't allow me to use excessive samples.I know my compositing level needs to be improved.I will continue to learn.Thank you again.
  Radical Dream (10 января 2020, 03:22)  
I have mixed feelings about this video. It would be a really great intro for some faster events with higher dynamic music, but i cant call it full as it is right now.

You did great with "recreating" (i guess?) the original scenes. Still, i have some complains about it:

0:05 - Dont you see that the models are flickering? You needed to use some multisampling or whatever it is in Maya (you just need to get rid of it, even fxaa would work).
0:14 - The original scene has a strong source of light that falls on the character. Which means you had to put the same amount of light on your background to make it look decent. I know its hard, since the character and the camera moves, but well, you decided to use this scene on your own, and didn't worked on it well enough.
1:12 - This looks so cringe. I mean, did you ever saw moon like this? Even if you are not trying to make it realistic, but cinematic, this model looks awful and cheap, as if you simply put it there without any polishing. Try to use AE plugins for this kind of things (like VC orb), its super easy.
1:15 - Look at that borders on the character in his right side. Light source again. Your background light source is in the wrong spot.

Anyway, i appreciate the amount of effort, even though it is...irrelevant (in my opinion).
Every other aspect is, unfortunately, falls short, except that blood stream scenes, which is really dope and the idea behind is great.

Good luck in the contest!
  FT AMVs (10 января 2020, 02:23)  
Cool vid! :smile:
  Kouha (09 января 2020, 19:40)  
» kuruta
Thanks for your insights.I will try to make my work more mature.
  kuruta (09 января 2020, 19:27)  
your technique with 3d is excellent and I admire it, both modeling and compositions and lighting are good. But modeling a school to do this kind of scenes seems like a waste of effort, the only thing necessary for the creation is the blood liquid, the rest could have used the anime's own scenarios without the need for such effort, in my opinion not yet You know how to direct your effort in the creation, the AMV feels short and incomplete for some reason, you could have invested that effort more in the part of scene selection and story than in the creation of the school. I liked the video, but I want to leave you these insights to improve next time.
  Kouha (09 января 2020, 19:21)  
» -Ridiculous
  -Ridiculous (09 января 2020, 19:11)  
» Kouha
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