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Platinum  [ Platinum ]
Страна:Baoding, Китай
Видео: Hataraku Saibou
Музыка: Yuka Iguchi - Platinum Disco
Жанр: Original Animation
Время: 1:51
Добавлен: 20.10.2019
Просмотров: 938
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Excuse me
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 22)
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  TheCacoVenom (17 ноября 2019, 06:29)      
  Kvant (15 ноября 2019, 04:15)     
Очень мило. Вместе с комментарием даже концептуально)
Наверное стоит поворчать что фон мог быть и по разнообразнее.
  JoeBlack2027 (11 ноября 2019, 07:40)       
hey thats pretty good
  Whiterock (07 ноября 2019, 20:59)      
» AnimeFanaticBoy:
While I enjoyed it serious question to everyone: Does this kind of video counts for the contest? (Original Animation)
Dunno, in 2016 "Desu Standing" got into finals and was of original animation. So this one might pass as well.
  Kroner (06 ноября 2019, 17:05)     
cute, but I could appreciate it more if you had added more personal stuff in there, it lacks something for me, probabily just some minor details that could do the difference :wink:
  MesoGear (06 ноября 2019, 02:52)     
Неплохо, но есть очевидные шероховатости, над которыми можно было еще поработать.

» AnimeFanaticBoy:
(Original Animation)
in past years, too, was
  SkyCold (06 ноября 2019, 01:47)     
» AnimeFanaticBoy
In theory, NO. Because this is a MMD Video And not a AMV. So, have something awkward in here...
  AnimeFanaticBoy (06 ноября 2019, 00:13)     
While I enjoyed it serious question to everyone: Does this kind of video counts for the contest? (Original Animation)
  Whiterock (05 ноября 2019, 19:34)      
Thanks for nearly two minutes of positiveness. :smile:

It is good that you decided to add some of your own dance scenes and not fully copy the original video. The 3D is very well made.

On a side note, feels sad that facial expressions on 3D could hardly compete with 2D. The heroine's face looks too stiff in the second part of the video.
  Radical Dream (05 ноября 2019, 18:10)    
Hey, the animations are dope. What software are you using and was it some preset, or you made everything yourself from scratch?
Everything looks great, but aesthetics (it just lacks some motion/backgrounds stuff as well as the titles, which looks too cheap in front of all that work done (if you made it yourself)). One more thing...i know you are chinese and all that, but i would suggest you to use latin, if your target audience is in the west.
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