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Ridiculous  [ -Ridiculous ]
Страна:Shanghai, Китай
Студия:Indigo Team
Видео: Ride Your Wave
Музыка: Adib Sin - Airwaves (feat. Azuria Sky & Leopold)
Жанр: Drama, Character Profile, Romance
Время: 3:21
Добавлен: 11.01.2020
Просмотров: 5135
Комментарий автора
Hi there, Ridiculous again. I want to say sorry for that this work maybe not fulfill your exprectation cause it is really a simple editing( with a little story rewrite). I m on my career now so I dont have time to make amv.
However I think the feeling I want to express is obvious and hope you can enjoy the airy view carried by this wonderful song.
After all, what made my mind to take part in this year's AKROSS is this song xD.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 20)
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  Arrow (25 января 2020, 01:09)  
I am very sad that you used this anime, since i wanted to edit it first.
But at the same time i'm happy that you did, cause this video hits the right spots.
Good job my friend <3
  FT AMVs (24 января 2020, 23:17)  
Really good!
  xDieguitoAMV (24 января 2020, 21:27)  
Beautiful video man, the feelings are very well represented and the editing is very enjoyable. Good luck Ridi :tu:
  GoldenThunder (24 января 2020, 20:12)  
  MetL storm (24 января 2020, 19:02)  
Приятный клип
  crash88ctamv (24 января 2020, 17:33)  
not bad video I enjoyed trying to create a story quite connected to the theme all in all and affordable not bad and it was a good job! :smile:
  ICEberg (24 января 2020, 16:36)  
атмосфера есть
формальные признаки романтики есть
профайл раскрыт
драмы не обнаружено
смысл полей и разноаспекта неясен
  athrun (24 января 2020, 16:33)  
dont worry Ridiculous, what matters is that you enjoy your own work :wink:
  MesoGear (24 января 2020, 14:24)  
хорошая атмосфера
  okhostok (24 января 2020, 13:54)  
The music is very beautiful, however in this video somehow it looks like used as background, maybe because of a lot of voicovers that I do not understand. And I do not understand the purpose of VHS effect (maybe it is a trend nowadays). All in all, I can say, this is a good entry, but just not my cup of tea.
BTW, you should not be sorry for simple edit. Because expectations are viewers' problem, not yours (However, if Radical Dreamer does the same, it would be his problem). :smile:
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