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Milan21  [ Milan21 ]
Страна:Gara, Венгрия
Видео: Angel's Egg
Музыка: Michael McCann - Endings
Жанр: Drama
Время: 2:23
Добавлен: 14.01.2020
Просмотров: 1563
Комментарий автора
Both Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011 game) and Angel's Egg (1985 movie) was a immersive experience for me - that's why the title.
Recently after a long brake I listened to Deus Ex's OST and realized, I feel some connection between Angel's Egg and the "Endings" track.

This is technically a simple edit anyway. I used some effects to improve the old (but gold) anime's visual world.
The anime and also my video itself can be at some points a little bit unclear, in aspect of story telling. (The movie has an alternate biblical story.)

Basicly in this project I tried to represent my unique experience with these two works. All of two have a strong atmosphere.
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  Strannik610 (21 января 2020, 13:13)  
При запуске через онлайн плеер не отображается видео (красный экран и музыка).
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