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Kyoto Edits  [ Kyoto ]
Страна:Baixo Guandu, Бразилия
Видео: Love and Lies
Музыка: Minami - Kawaki wo Ameku
Жанр: Romance, Drama
Время: 2:36
Добавлен: 14.01.2020
Просмотров: 4138
Комментарий автора
“Destiny” refers to choices, whether good or bad, you have to decide to stick to something or move on. In the case of MMV it's a protagonist romance with two girls, where “destiny”, itself tries to separate from its beloved.
About the project
Very complex, because I never edited a manga and had several problems with my computer. Graphics card errors were the common one. Apart from these details, the execution focused on motion and animation.

It is worth saying that, It is very rewarding to have this opportunity. thanks.
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  crash88ctamv (24 января 2020, 17:26)  
cool I really appreciated the technique on slideshows and lyrics! 6

Added (after 3 min. and 40 sec.):

It would have been nicer if you would have animated it with some animated scenes, it seems sterile and very cold! but the fact remains good luck for the next projects! to do much better the technique there is and how! ;) :cool:
  ICEberg (24 января 2020, 16:33)  
трейлер же
хороший годный трейлер
но вместо драмы - хэппи энд
  MesoGear (24 января 2020, 14:19)  
  Arrow (24 января 2020, 13:34)  
To be honest, even though i can appreciate this being a somewhat ambitious project, something is missing. At moments it really just feels like a slideshow, in which you can use other pictures and nothing changes. That might be partially due to the the camera movement feeling like it's on "auto-pilot" , or how the text bubbles haven't been removed. Plus the sync feels quite off at times.
For a first attempt at editing manga this is quite decent, but in the future i would advise you to try and animate your source a bit more, since it can give it more of a "soul". Good luck and will be looking forward to your future projects!
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