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[19.01.2021] GoldenThunder » When I'm Gone [Nude Penguin]
The font selections (0:00,0:36,1:40) and the grading feels rather cheap at parts, and some compositions feel uneasy to watch (2:09, 2:16) most probably because of the confusing camera movements. Tho despite it's flaws the atmosphere is actually spot on, especailly 1:21-1:26 with the dog barking sound too, overall turned out surprisingly enjoyable.
Also I was actually kind of a fan of the distortions you introduced to the video, a nice touch to sync and storytelling.
[19.01.2021] Лисёнок-тян » When I'm Gone [Nude Penguin]
[19.01.2021] Лисёнок-тян » Wrong World [TForceProduction]
хорошая работа и техника исполнения, но немного затянуто
[19.01.2021] Silver_King » When I'm Gone [Nude Penguin]
Мне зашло . Добрый приятный клип 10 из 10 :)
[19.01.2021] Radical Dream » Wrong World [TForceProduction]
Some comps here looks heavier and better than any stuff those "critics" made themselves, so dont bother taking their opinion too close, because i doubt they would rank their own amvs with 1/10.

The fact that you put a lot of effort there worth a praise alone. Awesome concept as well.
But still, you need to work better with CC to make the comps better. Like the scene in 0:52:
building looks not blended at all. There was a few easy options to fix it: CC or make them more blured, or...both of them.
Comps with artificial black eyes looks too cheap compared to the rest of the video. I know it was hard to compose it, but then...you either make it decent, either dont try it at all (thats just my opinion though).
Actually, i think that the only thing that bugs me too much is that how you compose dark/black colors with the rest of the frame. Its just... wont work like that.

Nevertheless, awesome job. I ddnt expect someone to tryhard so much for Akross this year.
[19.01.2021] okhostok » Wrong World [TForceProduction]
That was cool. But the story is not comprehensible to be honest, this amv is more about visuals than storytelling. Anyways, GJ - cool effects.
P.S. Saw your channel, will wait for Forest Style AMV in the future, I really liked it. )
[18.01.2021] ADMIRAL » Wrong World [TForceProduction]
Don't take shit from anyone your video is great I really enjoyed it.
[18.01.2021] Silent Hero » Aoi's Bassline [Arcothy]
The visuals in this are pretty damn impressive. not bad :smile:
[18.01.2021] Shaoran » Hellslayers [Silent Hero]
Качественный экшен, 8/10
[18.01.2021] Shaoran » LiVe DreaMs [EVOsvik]
История прослеживается, но недоработки заметны, 7/10
[18.01.2021] Shaoran » Pet Rebel [Deviant]
Экшен есть, побольше бы синхронизации музыки с видео, 6.5/10
[17.01.2021] Shaoran » Foghorn [Simfony]
Технически хорошо, но смысл уловить сложно. 7/10
[17.01.2021] Megamen » Aoi's Bassline [Arcothy]
Воу воу воу какой чистенький звук. Отлично.
[17.01.2021] Bea$t » Wrong World [TForceProduction]
Хорошая попытка, много работы видно, но проблема в том, что её видно ) Сильно инородно выглядит практически вся графика даже в превью. Рендер в титрах тоже грубоватый. В принципе хорошее начало, но есть над чем работать.
[17.01.2021] Bea$t » warriors [LanPj]
Трек какой-то вялый и медленный, не хватает размаха и эпика под такой исходник.
В остальном всё неплохо, по нынешним меркам наверное даже хорошо.
На титры сил не хватило? ))
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