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Nards - A Moment Apart

Coach (1): It was a video that truly left me personally asking myself a lot of questions but in the best way possible through out the creative process I constantly felt like something was lacking myself and often I'm sure other editors get this feeling that there's an idea, or concept or story in you somewhere. His AMV felt like it took that feeling many of us had an gave it a canvas with a very happy ending in icoshedron-chan. Something I can only to inspire one day to make something that can rival it.

Deviant (1): Очень эффектно.

iSynister (1): nards .. first of all your video made my minds blowing .. i still never think to make a concept like that before watching your video .. i am crying so much on your editing bc of your editing is too beautiful ;__;

KAquarius (1): Awesome visual effects and nice music.Smooth feeling is very attractive.

peco@mv (1): the effects and clip make me feel good,and then this clips have nice sync and it hit the nice beats

AMVs Gimenez (2): It's a good idea, and the best of all the videos of the contest respect to the idea, everything technical is quite well done, the idea is original, it was understood well what the author wanted to interpret, a suitable music for the video, for me without error in absolute.

HQ (2): To be honest this style isn't my favorite.but It's actually a good AMV I cannot find a better choice.

JFmoon (2): An alternative to a favorite narrative style, illusions are just right and creative.

Yemoemoe (2): 有创新 视觉感强

Kroner (3): Even if I think there were some things that could have done better in terms of realization and emotions, Nards brought an original concept generally well executed and with something really personal imho. I love when that happens, when you can see how author loved his work, and here I saw it for sure

MikuriAki (3): На самом деле очень странная идея - парень бегает за каким-то там кристаллом. Но всё сделано на столько красиво и качественно что придраться то и не к чему

PieandBeer (3): ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

buggy - Delusion

Chaiberry (1): This AMV stood out to me because it managed to give me chills with the scene cutting. The scene cutting made sense and resonated with me very well, and each beat you hit felt satisfying.

MikuriAki (1): Подкупают меня отличные сюжетки. Ну а если с хорошей синхрой и без технических косяков, да ещё и с шикарной идеей, то это явная победа

Miso (1): It has a special mood and that in combination with nice smooth effects and with a clearly storytelling...and the song with the lyrics matching great..a red string from the beginning till the end...well overall an amazing AMV.

Nekroz (1): Worked creatively and accurately with the flow, made a great presentation and contains a nice color correction. Although it contains some aspects that I do not like, the implementation of some details inserted in the amv made a big difference that caught my attention.

FT AMVs (2): Really awesome.

ProuDreamer (2): This one seemed to me the best video of the contest, very original and everything, but well, as I said I finish boring, I do not doubt that I won this contest, this is just my personal opposition ...

Bea$t (3): Странный клип, интересная концепция, неплохой трек.

peco@mv (3): i really like the edit style

Yemoemoe (3): 结局出乎意料 节奏配合棒

JustRukia - Bloody Tears

Bea$t (1): Очень правильный трейлер. После такого хочется посмотреть исходник.

Coach (2): It may have been a little bit bias but as someone who loved red queen I really looked forward to this and I thought Rukia pushed himself to try something new and to pull that off so well. I've always been a sucker for AMVs with audio from the amv in a narration format and this took the cake as the best I've ever seen it done because it was backed by fantastic editing it also was one of the cleanest entries we had.

Chaiberry (2): You had perfect scene selection, making for a perfect atmosphere.

irriadin (2): I don't really like trailers that much. I said this on the comment of this video. But this one, with custom selected audio clips, perfect melding of source and audio, and perfect scene selection... well, it's probably my favorite trailer of all time. Great work!

MycathatesyouAMV (2): Really solid theatrical-styled trailer, that is very technically polished. Dig the mood.

AMVs Gimenez (3): An outstanding author for his great achievements, without errors, good work technique, good trailer that makes you want to see it, without doubts also of the best.

Radical Dream - Morpheus Fragment

buggy (1): Great visual effects, great atmosphere, great sync, great flow.

HQ (1): Really cooool clip!I love this song in particular.nice atmosphere and transitions

Kroner (2): As I said this was the first entry with that sources that didn't made me bleed. A well combined action/drama. It's usually hard to create the right atmosphere for passing from drama to action suddently, but here it was simply easy and both aspects of the video were well executed

Nekroz (2): A beautiful action AMV! The author has maintained an intense flow from the beginning, with a selection of impeccable scenes, this is something necessary and essential in any amv action, I value this very much. The insertion of some flares effects greatly complemented the color correction, thus inserting beautiful and soft details into the scenes that transformed the amv atmosphere. The only thing I do not like is some zooms with fades, I do not think it really was necessary.

Geingel (3): The video gave me that epicness of an action medieval fantasy so perfectly that it felt amazing. Combines slow drama scenes with rapid brutal action so good, that's how a good action is done. The correction color was so good, that gives more epicness to the video.

Miso (3): For me...it stings out from the many entries. solid and decent effects. and the song fits good with an overall great atmosphere.

Nekroz - Moonlight

JFmoon (1): Smooth storyboards, excellent atmosphere.

KAquarius (2): Awesome visual effects and amazing music.My favorite amv in this contest.

irriadin (3): While a lot of other highly technical videos in this contest opted for abstraction, this video felt very refreshing in its straightforward and wholesome approach of pure sentiment. The parallax effects were lovely, as were the coloring and motion design.

leolide (3): ur mom gay

Rider4Z (3): A lot of Wolf Children videos out there but I liked the original story telling in this one. Good use of mixing other series.

UnluckyArtist - Counter

AMVs Gimenez (1): In my opinion the best video of the contest, a video that had to require many masks, compositions, etc. A video very worked with a music in my opinion difficult to master, the visual effects are quite good, a lot of creativity in the video, great handling of compositions, excellent synchronization, great technique, nice camera movements, great quality, within my point of view has no error.

FT AMVs (1): I totally like the clip, the song in sync with MNGS like principal anime was very enjoyable to see, another clip for my favorite list.

irriadin (1): You bastard. How did you do this? This video is downright hypnotic. I LOVE the compositions, timing and flow of this video. Incredible source / audio combo. You REALLY made that kaleidoscope effect work for you. Also best credits, hands down.

PriceQ (1): Unbelievable

Yemoemoe (1): 分镜棒 风格独特

DrPenguin (2): *Objectively, I think there are many AMVs in this year, that I would put on the same level, contesting for highest places. Because of that, I have to put higher value on my personal, subjective feel for the video*
Super well made psychedelic work that sucks me in and doesn't let me out. Beautiful atmosphere with very original music choice and shitton of masks that look and are used really well.

Nards (2): I feel like his/her video was beautiful. I feel like a lot of her visual effects really popped, but was very subtle. Personally, I did not enjoy the song choice, but regardless, it was enjoyable. Overall, just an amazing entry.

PieandBeer (2): (ง ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)ง

buggy (3): Best psychedelic this year. Great job!

KAquarius (3): A big project.Interesting and fantastic.

Hilary Cullen - Quintessence

Kroner (1): Wonderful atmosphere for a really immersive video. Music is beautiful and the author was brave enough to choice it instead of going for the classic english song. I felt like I was dreaming while I was watching, my fav entry for sure!

MesoGear (1): Приятный не банальный концепт, чистая реализация, хорошо переданная атмосфера.

Rider4Z (2): Haven't seen a quality Mushi-shi video for a long time. This was great to see.

UnluckyArtist (2): Colorful, Dark, subtle but strong. I loved the atmosphere and the anime chosen to deliver it..

vontoki (2): unique attractive

JustRukia (3): Очень необычная работа, которая имеет свою тягучую и немного зловещую атмосферу. Достаточно грамотно расставлены акценты в музыкальных тонах. А вся эта плавность в такой легкой утопающей в воде атмосфере говорит мне о тока, что автор отлично чувствует эту музыку. Хорошая работа.

Nekroz (3): The quintessence! A beautiful AMV with a sensational concept! Transitions and scenes selection is perfect, impeccable atmosphere. I do not see any negative points in this amv, it fulfills what it promises, it's a good amv raw! Maybe if the technique used in the amv was more advanced, it would get the 1st place easy.

Cegan - Loneliness

ProuDreamer (1): Well, I just think that this video is not the best there can be, I even thought Buggy was much better, but the buggy one ended up boring and this one kept the essence.

vontoki (1): unique

reice (2): i like u

Coach (3): The AMV took a lot of influence from other editors and it wasn't compared to others some how. This Akross we saw lots of crossovers and scene alteration and many of them had tiny mistakes I felt that while this entry was on the short side the it gave me the most sense of feelings while watching.

UnluckyArtist (3): Definitely one of my top favorites in general because of the amazing technical work done on it with the effects as well as actually telling a good romance story

DrPenguin - Lucida

Geingel (1): I saw it and it was love at first sight. I felt it's climax, it was so good. It starts slow and goes up and up and you feel like you explode. I loved it. That's how a good climax is handled. I know is not a masterpiece, but how it handles it everything makes something great out of something simple. Much better than some complex ideas.

JustRukia (1): Долго не мог определиться насколько же было правильно подобрана музыка с видео. Но в конечном итоге было решено принят легкость бытия. Трудно даже объяснить почему данная работа так затянула своей атмосферой. Можно сказать, в очередной раз, эта музыка меня подкупила. Но тут же и выбор исходника, и сцена, это же авторская работа. Просто очень все очень гармонично смотрится.

MycathatesyouAMV (1): I love this and don't really have any issues with it. The flow is great, the cuts are great, the pairing is great, the source representation is great, the mood is great, etc. etc. etc.

buggy (2): What i liked the most about this amv was the flow, which was perfect.

irriadin - High Fæntasy

PieandBeer (1): ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧

leolide (2): ur mom gay

MesoGear (3): Да просто бодрый клип, с хорошо вытянутой динамикой, синхронизацией и благородной ретро сединой.

leolide - Faded But Worse

peco@mv (2): have more nice design

Deviant (3): Штырит.

MycathatesyouAMV (3): All I can say about this video, is D A N K W 3 3 D.

PriceQ (3): Funnyyyyyyy!

reice (3): leo is not the

iSynister - Providence

Kawai ishi (1): Я всегда была ценителем именно кроссоверов, этот кроссовер оказался лучшим со всего конкурса, большое спасибо автору чего творения )

Nards (1): I really enjoyed this crossover. It was a lot more different than a crossover then a car crash happening. Song choice was nice, compositions were really well-done, editing was great. I loved it!

Geingel (2): This concept of the love of the girl and the boy of different animes is not new. And the part of the hospital I'm seen so many times. But I can't deny you did a perfect combination. The idea plot is well develop, that it looks everything so perfect. You used complex combination of scenes that made everything looked like is the same story, other people would use more obvious and easy scenes.

MikuriAki (2): Очень интересная идея и отличная реализация. Разные исходники не режут глаза, сюжет очевиден и понятен. Что ещё надо для хорошего клипа?

JFmoon - The origin of the story

Miso (2): It has a great feeling behind it. The scenes, the song and the editing...altogether it acts real great.

PriceQ (2): perfect The artistic conception very good

HQ (3): 都是一些很常见的分镜或者转场,当然也可能是因为经常看大佬的视频受到了一些影响罢了。很棒的技术力,完成度也很高。(原谅我第一次写这种正式的评论_(:з」∠)_

vontoki (3): beautiful

PieandBeer - Fringe

DrPenguin (1): *Objectively, I think there are many AMVs in this year, that I would put on the same level, contesting for highest places. Because of that, I have to put higher value on my personal, subjective feel for the video*
Combination of perfectly fitting music for my favourite anime and almost perfect technical work makes up for my first place. Almost 5 minutes of incredible journey that doesn't bore me for a second.

JustRukia (2): Достаточно легкая и приятная, а местами немного драматичная атмосфера. Что совсем не противоречит правильному настроению музыки. Конечно до глубины как в Fiat Lux не дотягивает. Да и вообще у каждой музыки разные эмоциональные задачи, но тем не менее это достаточно приятная и по-своему очаровательная работа.


Deviant (2): Стильно, модно, молодёжно.

L33t - Dilemma

Kawai ishi (2): По сюжету немного уступила 1 месту, но тоже очень хороша.

ProuDreamer (3): Well, this video was very common and with a repetitive plot of other videos, but it seemed to me of the best edited in the contest, I doubt if I give this position to Kroner, which seemed to me better because of its concept and plot, but this video Despite that, I liked it more.

Rider4Z - Bullets Rain

Hilary Cullen (3): My favorite AMVs are always the ones that have soul; the ones that form an irreplaceable bond between song and video and gain its own identity. This is one of them. The editing is clean and efficient, with a couple of moments that would've benefited from a stronger impact. It carries a great atmosphere in which the song and video complement one another, and the story is compelling and clear.

Kroner - That Day

Nards (3): It made me feel nostalgic. It was also another crossover I enjoyed. Usually when someone uses Kaori from YLIA, she dies. But in the end, the man got some and she was alive. A twist to broken record of crossovers. Loved it!

David Heli - Infidelity

Kawai ishi (3): Приятный сбалансированный клип со всеми уместными эффектами.

PriceQ - Heritage

Bea$t (2): Интересная нарезка под удачный трек и очень крутая работа со звуком

Xophilarus - Pending...

Hilary Cullen (1): The most well-balanced and well-executed piece, in my opinion. The theme is accessible and interesting, the editing is clean and to-the-point and fits the song perfectly. I loved the drama and the dry irony of it. Simple is best, sometimes!

DrPenguin (3): *Objectively, I think there are many AMVs in this year, that I would put on the same level, contesting for highest places. Because of that, I have to put higher value on my personal, subjective feel for the video*
It's hard to find anything original other than music/anime combo in most AMVs with just basic edit and no fx. This AMV however managed to have fast edit, yet feel slower, when it needed to. Little touch of story at the beginning helps with context, but it doesn't do good enough job for people who have no idea what the anime is about. For those, this AMV could feel a little bland.

MycathatesyouAMV - One Trick Pony 3

leolide (1): ur mom gay

Chaiberry (3): I had so much fun watching this AMV, it's unique and creative!

peco@mv - Screaming Time

JFmoon (3): Smooth editing techniques, dizzying and clear and dripping.

Chaiberry - Be Somebody

Rider4Z (1): This is a great feel good tribute to Gurren Lagann. Will watch again.

Hilary Cullen (2): The song and the video together make for a very touching piece. Though the transitions and the timing of certain scenes suffer at time, it is overall well-executed and the song choice was on point. It's incredibly meaningful and in my case, I found myself attached to the main character even without knowing the source material, and that's big for AMVs.

reice - jgndfjnbjnx03vcjxn

MesoGear (2): Люблю странные клипы. Плюс много всяких классных стилистических приемов, фишечек.

DAPSEpako - Demons In The Dark

FT AMVs (3): Se nota el esfuerzo tras el vídeo,me gusto mucho y en muchas partes casi exploto de emoción.

MikuriAki - Птички

reice (1): hi cutie

Multi-Editor Project - Love and War

UnluckyArtist (1): Even though several people were involved in making it, the anime and music came together perfectly and you could feel the emotions...
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