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Daikashisan  (Pulverize Productions)  [ Daikashisan ]
Kissimmee, США
If at one point we could look past the struggles we all have and connect in such a way that we could redefine what it means to be divine - not the creator but in ourselves then, maybe then, will there be true wisdom.

Until then, we have smarts and knowledge which replaces the need for helping others with a selfish need to help and educate yourself. Wisdom is what we pass on to others based on what our actions are. This is my Wisdom.

This is their story.

There are a few special effects here and there, hopefully some you guys can tell me if you catch. ;)

I did the video originally as one short ass beta, but I decided to take that beta and continue it and when I found out that Akross was still accepting contestants I decided to enter it.

I wanted the video to be as short as possible so that I could avoid using choppy scenes. Towards the end it's sorta noticed there. I started to slack due to the creativity that began lacking. There was so much more I wanted to do but I got a bit rushy because I thought the deadline for Akross had been November 15th but it was pushed back to December 1.

Oh well? Haha, already rendered it and made myself a compromise to finish the video in much less time.

The story here is several worlds and the struggles that each face and can overcome under one god. It isn't represented as well as I would have hoped but I do hope the story is easy to see. This video progresses as in the beginning everyone has some sort of struggle and slowly moves on towards each character resolving their own issues and finally being able to find happiness.

In any case, I apologize for the choppy ending, but for the most part I'm pretty satisfied with it. It's supposed to be one of those "feel-good" AMVs. The story is a progressive one as it shows the struggle each character faced in their own world and how each individually may have overcome them.

This is my first ever Akross contest.

The video originally started out as a beta. Some friends said they wanted to see more of it so I continued it.

I hope you can all enjoy the video! :)
Видео    Микс [ Naruto Shippuuden, Summer Wars, One Piece, Wolf's Rain, FLCL, Sword of the Stranger, Evangelion: 1.1: You are (not) Alone, Evangelion 2.0 ]
Музыка    Blue Scholars - Burnt Offerings
Жанр    Serious
2:55 | 34,2 Мб. | 1280x720 | H.264 / mp3
2:55 | 5,76 Мб.
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Эль-тян  [ 16 ноября 2010, 12:55 ]
Давно не встречал АМВ с таким авторским мировоззрением. По моему Хорошо.
kemaxto  [ 16 ноября 2010, 12:55 ]
xrom  [ 16 ноября 2010, 12:50 ]
с технической стороны неплохо, но вот с музыкой как то не очень вяжется видео.
Aerith  [ 16 ноября 2010, 12:03 ]
мне совсем не понравилось, клип конечно на любителя, порадовала только техника
AGE  [ 16 ноября 2010, 09:58 ]
Смотрится легко, работа выполнена хорошо))
BiovolkVK  [ 16 ноября 2010, 09:15 ]
Так ниочём. Но клип, техничный 6!!!
Guest  [ 16 ноября 2010, 08:43 ]
По мне так не очень, но поглядеть хотелось до конца!
Так что 6.5
S.A. Robert  [ 16 ноября 2010, 08:39 ]
Понравилось технически, м/в сугубо на любителя, меня уж никак не зацепило, ну и подборка баянных сорцов тоже не внушает.
Хотя тут присутствует минус почти все миксованных клипов, как разнородность исходников по стилистике, цк бы тут не помешал.
Egorus  [ 16 ноября 2010, 08:21 ]
Однако же чем-то зацепило... Хоть и исходники боянистые... Хм... Хорошо 7.
MIBIHA  [ 16 ноября 2010, 08:17 ]
неплохо так, 7
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