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impr3ssiv  (Untamed Illusions Studio)  [ impr3ssiv ]
Essen, Германия
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I dont know what to say, i dont like my own vids and its hard to say anything to stuff that u dont like.

I used Premier to select the clips, every effect and all montage work was done in AE. For 3 Scenes i used also SynthEyes for 3D Camera Tracking.
Instead of tracking 2D (planar) like in AE, syntheyes uses the geometry of ur footage to reconstruct the camera movement in 3D space. All color FX are made with Magic Bullet Looks, I used Twixtor to slow down some scenes, Particular to create snow and rain in the scene with the megaphon, SoundKeys to create Keys form sound hahaha. I guess I used more plugins but this were the most important for me.

The whole video was more or less a technical experiment I wanted to learn new things and I learned alot with this project

Видео    Микс [ Evangelion 1.11, Evangelion 2.22, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, Innocence: Ghost in the Shell, The Animatrix, Appleseed Ex Machina, Macross Zero, Ergo Proxy, Vexille, Pale Cocoon, Code Geass, Freedom ]
Музыка    Nalepa - Monday (Glitch Mob Remix)
Жанр    Psychedelic
6:17 | 169 Мб. | 872x480 | H.264 / aac
6:17 | 12,4 Мб. | 480x264 | H.264 / aac
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kebenaj  [ 02 декабря 2010, 02:55 ]
Very impressive, it's just the right word...
But you know... I can't say anything more. You watched it for the first time, and noticed anything, but the technique.
No motivation (to make one's amvs better) appears, somehow...

Well, let us say that that kind of works is for advanced users of video soft.

By the way, as I can think of your nickname, will your next works follow the same way of approach? )

afseraph  [ 01 декабря 2010, 13:23 ]
I totally disagree with people saying that you overused special effects. I don't think it's too long either. Omnipresent glitches, noise and lags fits perfectly into this AMV. Definitely one of the best of this year's Con.
loony_pin  [ 01 декабря 2010, 01:53 ]
well-made but too long
I-N0  [ 30 ноября 2010, 17:33 ]
Mannnnn....... deine Hintergrunde und Effecte sind geil. Aber meine personliche Meinung danach ist, dass das Video zu lang ist und ich personlich mag die AMVs, welche irgend welche Geschichte haben. Sorry, aber nach 4 Minuten das geht schon auf die Eier )))) Trotzdem danke, mach AMVs weiter. :smile: 8/10

Ah ja, viele Grusse aus NRW xDDDDDDDDDD
Bjoerndalen  [ 29 ноября 2010, 22:22 ]
In technical terms, done well, but it is too prolonged, and I personally did not like it. 6\10
cheb-  [ 29 ноября 2010, 16:41 ]
impr3ssive video :)
Flaym  [ 28 ноября 2010, 16:25 ]
da das video so lang ist, werden musik und effekte mit der zeit etwas eintoenig. sonst aber eines der besten bisher, ich bin beeindruckt :smile:
ZxShade  [ 27 ноября 2010, 20:53 ]
One of the best action amv. Very nice, that noize effect and music.. 10/10
flawy  [ 27 ноября 2010, 09:12 ]
Вначале очень впечатлило, но к середине стал замечать халтуру, синхра однообразная немного. До меня я думаю всё сказали, впрочем. Всё равно Zehr gut за работу.
AimoAio  [ 27 ноября 2010, 03:53 ]
Impressive.....it was getting slightly repetitive after a while but then it changed and I was sucked into the video again. Also loved the colourings and the sync was brilliant.

Sadly I can't stand this type of music so I'll drop 1 mark off for that. :laugh: 9/10
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