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Side Note: I only spent around 6-8 hours on this video.

The Making

So, for the recent 4 months or so I've bearly not touched the effects field at all. So I decided to have some fun =) I listened to the song while dragging in some of my footage and looked around a bit. After some thinking of a concept i opened up Photoshop and starting to do some of the general vector masks.

Later after getting back to editing again I continued on actually building out the length of the video.
Starting to build up my story i tried to jump up one step by submitting these small segments edited with diffrent sorts of effects and styles. After another editing interuption i got back into the effect work , seeing that i was getting short on time I started to finish up and knew i wouldnt be able to fill in with more segments so i decided to do the final stage "Fusion" which is the combinition of the previous 4 styles. Finishing up with the last segments I rendered and encoded and had it sent to Son Jp.

After a couple of weeks i decided it was time to make the Full quality verision and get it uploaded on here. I'm pretty satisfied with the results, even though there is some things that could have went smoother =P

Program's Used

Sony Vegas 7.0 (for generaly the whole video)
Adobe After Effects CS3(for the 3D 'Fusion' Check-list)
Adobe Photoshop CS3(maskings etc..)
DVD decrypter


Enjoy! ;]
Видео    ef - a Tale of Memories
Музыка    BT - Simply Being Loved (somnambulist)
Жанр    Romance
2:27 | 41,8 Мб. | 848x480 | x264 / mp3
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neko lover  [ 14 декабря 2008, 16:47 ]
M/v are not combined? It sounds strange for me.. Text of the song is very good for this scenes selection and especially for Ef. So imo m/v is perfect.
And also Cocktail is different than this amv. Cocktail looks funny for me, but MoreThanEnough is serious. Certainly, it's just my opinion.
ZetZu  [ 14 декабря 2008, 14:02 ]
HiDeaki: The song and video does indeed go together, It's not literally synched though, but every scene have in a way something to so with either lyrics or tone.
And for the best ef video, Megamom's video is not the best. Koopiskeva's "Paper Image" is ;]
Paper Image does justice to the series fully and has a perfect atmosphere.
Sure, C o c k t a i l is pretty to watch with all the stylish effects, but Koop did a much better job in the general editing (Cut-theory, scene selection, etc.) and ended up Nailing the perfect feel to it.

Thanks for watching, glad you liked it(?).

Dumtumdum: Thanks =)
HiDeaki  [ 14 декабря 2008, 12:52 ]
Quality work, technique.
But music and videos not combined, i think. Do not create an atmosphere...
In this perspective, Megamom - Cocktail is a best clip on "ef"
dumtumdum  [ 24 ноября 2008, 21:24 ]
wonderful work
ZetZu  [ 21 ноября 2008, 17:46 ]
Одиссей: Thanks =)
Одиссей  [ 15 ноября 2008, 18:02 ]
I looked this video for a long time. This work is made accurately... I like this video

trim arbete!!!

Hm.. opinions

Art- 8
M\v - 9
tech- 9
Pers -8
ZetZu  [ 12 ноября 2008, 09:37 ]
EvilSpider: Thanks glad you enjoyed it ^^

RatKiller: Thanks for the correction :wink:

De29v101L: Thanks! :biggrin:
De29v101L  [ 11 ноября 2008, 21:27 ]
wow it is BT ^^
So ... very nice. I didn't expect to see very original video to this song, but i am wrong ... Anyway ... i like it. It is a best what i see on Ef.
Good job!
RatKiller  [ 10 ноября 2008, 02:21 ]
Если кто не понял, корма обратно = feedback ;)
EvilSpider  [ 09 ноября 2008, 22:33 ]
Really nice video. Beautiful visuals, good technical work and easy to watch.
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