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Coach  [ iMCoach ]
New York, USA
Hey, I'm Coach. Enjoy the video and stuff. Thank you to alice2k for if not for you Akross may have not happened this year. The story is simple it, if you've seen zetsuen no tempest you'll know I merely altered the story slightly to change who feels what and who's present for some events. Most of the other video sources were used only for the butterflies from other anime. Anyway rate it, like it, dislike it but my only hope is someone enjoys it; peace. Oh and Murry Chrismusss

Video    Various [ Kuzu no Honkai, Sankarea, Yosuga no Sora, White Album, Guilty Crown, Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e, Koi to Uso, Kakegurui ]
Audio    Stephen - Sincerely
Genre    Action, Drama
3:30 | 60,7 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
3:30 | 13,2 Mb. | 480x270 | H.264 / aac
3:30 | 67,8 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
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Kroner  [ 04 January 2018, 11:22 ]
you already know what I think about bro, I think you have great potential and with some adjustment here and there you can do great things. Good luck for the con and for your future projects ;)
Kvant  [ 04 January 2018, 08:06 ]
Качественно. Для меня выглядело шибко рандомно. Немного скучно.
iMCoach  [ 03 January 2018, 22:41 ]
Milky Way

Thank you very much and thank you for the kind words. I know there were many portions of it that can be improved my only hope going forward to to keep improving so that I improve and by this time next year when I have more experience I'll be capable of making something enjoyable in one view :)

Google Translate (hopefully it translates correctly): Большое вам спасибо и благодарю вас за добрые слова. Я знаю, что было много его частей, которые могут улучшить мою единственную надежду на дальнейшее совершенствование, чтобы я улучшился, и к этому времени в следующем году, когда у меня будет больше опыта, я смогу сделать что-то приятное в одном представлении :)

It really do be like that sometimes.
NIGHT  [ 03 January 2018, 20:16 ]
Milky Way  [ 03 January 2018, 15:03 ]
я пересмотрела несколько раз,чтобы понять,нравится мне или нет
были вкусные моменты
определенно что-то в этом есть
iMCoach  [ 03 January 2018, 00:47 ]

Very much appreciated insight regardless if it's a style you ar fond of or not all perspectives are unique and will help me see another avenue of doing things in the future and I will continue as I always have to take all advice and critiques and use them to mold me into a better editor tomorrow. I'm glad to at least while not making a great amv make something that has glimpses and moments that you can appreciate. Thank you again for the guidance.
EnIgMoZz2  [ 02 January 2018, 23:09 ]
good atmosphere, it feels like it goes right with the music.

it looks like one of those vids that's supposed to have a story but I just dont see it because I'm not familiar witht he source and I'm not the type to pay extra focus on an amv to familiarise myself with the characters from an amv alone. that said, idc about story being great in amvs if the video's flow/technique/sync are in top form.

your editing has a lot of technical flaws, but i'm not going to list them unless u want me to, just because they're easy to spot and you'll naturally improve in that department over time without anyone having to always spot them out for you.

because of the technical flaws, for my definition of flow, this video isnt flowing too well for me. also, this is something thats very common, but it bugs me so much...but your representation of the drop at 1:10 was too weak for me. I have this issue with even "big" editors like luciole. for me such a big increase in intensity of the music deserves a proportional increase in intensity of the video. not saying spam s_shake all over the drop section of the video, but i'll leave it to u to think of "raw" ways of increasing intensity/impact.

Your colouring is nice though. Except for the beginning being a bit too bright (which I know was to get that ambient look to match the ambient sound of the music at that point) you kept much of the vid dark enough to match the song without making it hard to see important details in the source.

overall, this isnt the type of AMV I usually take the time to watch--just not my type--so I might not be the best judge for u, if this is the style of editing/amv-making you want to carry on doing. But yeah, I'd say your biggest area to improve on is making your technical factor less sloppy, which will happen over time as you improve your sense of "what looks professional". You definitely have atmosphere down :smile:
iMCoach  [ 02 January 2018, 20:42 ]
Thank you. I was advised to do so by someone already twice it might've been my inexperience shining through at 1:15 most it might be due to me having never edited in this fashion but I promise to continue to work hard to fix these tendencies thank you for the advice :)

It really do be like dat

Added (after 10 min. and 7 sec.):


Thank you very much for the essay don't worry I don't find them boring on the contrary I love having long form thoughts about my work to look back on for future works even if I don't follow it like it's a bible having other perspectives to keep in mind for the future sometimes helps me a lot once I hit road bumps I can read things like this and remember to think of multiple angles to tackle the issues I run into while editing. So thank you and don't hold back with essays I'm sure any other new editor like myself would enjoy reading them and surely improve because of them.
buggy  [ 02 January 2018, 20:14 ]
MrNosec, the type of guy to write a book describing a single frame :laugh:
MrNosec  [ 02 January 2018, 17:36 ]
This was a pleasant vid.

I'll be quite picky with little things here because I think you have lots of potential and don't want to see you making the same minor flaws again, but then again this might be very subjective since it's my personal opinion, so I don't wish or expect you to interpret and follow what I'll say here literally, just take it as a brainstorming session.

I enjoyed the "3D" look of the intro (from the start till 13 secs), it feels clean and the edge duplication effect looks trippy, even if it feels way more elaborate than the rest of the video, the horizontal wave warp was a neat way to sync the distinct sounds, even if it feel rather bare-bones by itself, maybe animating a property like slightly lowering the gamma or adding the tint effect up to 40% to desaturate the image a little when the wave warp kicks in could have made it feel a little more organic.

At 5 seconds, making both the radial scene and the bg warped looks nice, but as the radial scene is filling the screen, and the second time you increase the ammount of the wave warp, making only the bg exponentially warped with the crescendo muffled noise-like sound and leaving the radial scene which is now filling the entire screen untouched would add to the clean digital look and would accentuate the impression of depth, which that segment already has with the duplicated edges.

The fact that there are two noses and two mouths in this scene makes it feel out of place like straight out of an intense psychedelic video, it worked well on the very previous scene because it was more of a scenery shot, but it's not as effective on a closeup of someones face.

I also didn't understand why you pushed out the edges of the scenes like in 0:07 and 0:13 when there's no sound cue calling for it, it's not even a transition, it just happens and it goes back to the way it was, it just feels rather unjustified to me, no matter how good it looks.

The only time you used twixtor in this video at 0:31 (as far as I could tell) seems kinda weird, there's something wrong with your settings, either your input framerate was off or maybe not every repeated frame was deleted successfully, because as you can see if you go through it frame by frame, it stutters randomly sometimes, and it even jolts back in time during 1 frame, which I suspect is caused by setting twixtor to use the GPU, which isn't recommended, but im not entirely sure if that's what caused it.

This global vertical noise wave warp looking effect used throughout the vast majority during the rest of the video, although it's not too distracting or intrusive, it's main problem is that it's inconsistent, sometimes it syncs to the first two sounds like in 1:12, sometimes it syncs to the ecos of the first two sounds instead, like in 2:32, and other times the effect just ignores the song altogether and turns on in random spots or stays off. I believe that, If one's aim is too represent the song visually, the first time an effect is used when a certain sound plays, that effect should always accompany the respective sound, until it gets overlapped by another more relevant segment or dies out altogether.

There are also other inconsistencies with the beat sync, for example, in 1:32, you switch scenes when there's a kick 3 times in a row, but then you start ignoring the kicks altogether and start syncing with the lyrics instead, maybe adding a very subtle effect like making the edges of the image darker or zooming in 2% when every kick hits while syncing the rest to the lyrics would make it feel more homogeneous.

There's not much else I can really say about the video, I didn't expect to write a comment this long, even if all I talked about was technical shenanigans that I think could be improved, in the end I think it's a cool video and the effort shows. Looking forward to your upcoming works, I promise I won't type boring essays on those :wink:
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