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Nards  (AnimeVibe)  [ Nards ]
Ewa Beach, USA
Symbolism. The shape in the video symbolizes movement, flow, and change. Often we find ourselves searching for "something". We're never satisfied. And as editors, we're often hard on ourselves and sometimes on others because of our own expectations. We set goals in search of some kind of way to make ourselves feel validated. The goals that we have set our sights on can often get lost along the way. One day we'll look in one place, the next day in another, becoming this endless loop. Sometimes what we're searching for is closer than we think. Who knows, whatever it is we're searching for could be right under our nose.

Special Thanks to all my friends and huge shoutout to Gorz and Neverend. Anyway, hope you can enjoy :)
Video    Various [ Kimi no Na wa, Uchiage Hanami, Hoshi o Ou Kodomo ]
Audio    Odesza - Line of Sight
Genre    Character Profile
3:10 | 58,8 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
3:10 | 12,4 Mb. | 480x270 | H.264 / aac
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Nards  [ 01 Febuary 2018, 00:25 ]
Thank you for your feedback and wishes, I appreciate it and will do my best to take it into account.
I guess you could say it really wasn't her final form :laugh:
Axiles  [ 31 January 2018, 20:45 ]
топлю за тебя :rules:
Death_Kn1ght  [ 31 January 2018, 20:24 ]
Многогранно... :cool:
kuruta  [ 31 January 2018, 20:16 ]
the concept is clean for me, I really like how you handled the development of it in the scenes and in the parts built by you, I have not seen this anime, even though I think it was the best choice for what you wanted to express in the video. You have to work better with the color correction, some scenes look too dark (saturated blues above all). the scene of 1:35 is strange because of that grid behind. Another thing that did not seem right, is to leave the body of the girl as part of the geometric figure, it takes away abstraction and confuses the viewer, you could have used geometric figures for the body as well.
In spite of all this, it is a good job and I wish you luck in the votes for the first place.
dreamcatcher166  [ 31 January 2018, 16:56 ]
Круто. 9.
CoegMan  [ 30 January 2018, 18:31 ]
:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
iFrost  [ 30 January 2018, 17:56 ]
damn nards :inlove:
EVOsvik  [ 30 January 2018, 17:16 ]
Не понял задумку...
Nards  [ 30 January 2018, 11:02 ]
Thank you for your response, I appreciate it a lot! I'm glad you liked it regardless of your taste :laugh:
MrNosec  [ 30 January 2018, 02:42 ]
I find it hard to "review" videos that are fundamentally distinct from the ones I make myself, but I think this video has a neat idea and plenty of technical effort behind, so I'll share my thoughts on it.

I won't talk much about the concept itself because there's not much I can say besides, I think it's nice, even if I wouldn't relate the video to what you say in the description if I hadn't read it, I won't pretend to fully understand it, even after reading the comments before mine, but maybe it's simpler than I think and I'm looking too much into it.

The visuals are very pleasant, the echo/trail effects in the intro give an adequate dreamy feel to that segment, the color grading is pretty cool and the occasional use of lens blur to create depth of field also looks quite nice, the twixtor isn't a problem for the most part but it does act out in some parts, and I can't really tell why cuz they are rather static so it shouldn't be a problem for the plugin.

I feel the segments right after the drop could have a little more energy, the execution of the drop itself is good, even if the build up could use more of a visual feedback, but the intensity of the song has a considerable peak even if it retains the chill atmosphere, for example the guy turning at 1:21, only the first transition to another background is synced, the other two following it just happen without any sound cue which is a shame because I think that was a pivotal scene to clearly set the pace of the song after the drop. The 1:38 and the scene after it feel uncomfortably static compared to the rest of the video, even if you animated the focal point to make it more alive, I kinda understand why, it's too clearly show what is on the paper, but it feels odd.

A lot of the cooler rhythms like, for example, the background beats from 1:39 and onwards were neglected, of course changing scenes every beat would not suit this video at all, but maybe adding a subtle effect to match the pinkish-purple 80's neon far cry blood dragon vaporwave aesthetics, as long as it wasn't too distracting, because it would make it feel way more dynamic and entertaining to watch if the video was more tied to the song, but syncing to such an extent was surely not the focal point and I'm just imposing my own preferences on your creation so lol.

Overall, I like it, it's a good video, even if it doesn't fancy my personal taste I can still appreciate the idea and the effort to make it come true, it's clear that you're a very good editor, and I do think it will be in the top 5 of this Akross.
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