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Jean d  [ Bean430 ]
New York, США
Hi this is Jean d again for a 2 years in a row (and in total) After last years confusion (I thick they stared allowing subtitle do to me and Artofeel as the new rule is witting almost word for word of Artofeel comment.) Even if it did cont as "(unless their presense is required conceptionally)" I do thick that it being stated directly in the rule had something do to the that.)(I will continue the rest at the end.) I use Movavi Video Editor 4 and a MacBook Air. (got the MacBook Air on a Black Friday at a good discount. So sorry if the resolution or frame rate was wrong and even more sorry if translations were wrong as I only took Ukrainian in 9th grade as a school requirement. the only Russian words I know are Spaseba (thanks) and da (yes) so I use google translator and a few other sites for Russia transliteration of my name in intro.The Ukrainian transliteration of my name was done by Dr.Zrka my Ukranine teacher. I used google translator and a transliteration site for my name but for any change not in the ABC alphabet and had to dragged and dropped individually very boring but i did do my name in Ukrainian properly in honour of my Ukrainian teacher Ms. Zerka. I did texted my translator on the 20th of January of last year after having time to settle in California. Google translator translated "sung by" I used last year was wrong and the proper translation is "Было спето" which took 10 min to write the first time to give you a idea how long it takes. (Though it did take 3 min to figure out that ы was 1 letter not 2 that first time as there are no double symbol letter in Ukrainian or english and i did not know they existed.) I am in my last year of high school so I am finding a college.My video is Kim Possible Opening with 8 man as at the time I did alot of Opening combos.I can not chose only 3 sorry. After last year translation I wanted to chose something that uses a slavic language so I try to make a video but then i remembered this one.The reason I did not use the Russian version was that the polish version had a better(spookier) laugh.I was wearied that credits might count as watermarks so I asked EvilSpider if it was ok, putting a link to show him what I meant (by the way i remembered a few days later that the show (both eng dub and sub) is in the common domain so that could have something to do with it).He said it was ok Spaseba for answering politely and fast and not geting angry at many questions .I search for the name of the song in polish for 3h and did not find it.So that will be title.The first scene and music was add for the contest to make it minimum 1 min.Scene may have artcles/marks , probably from film decay as the attitude of tv preservation at the time.The transitions between scenes are basic fade one. Kriston Rodyvsy (Marry Christmas) and a Happy New Year to all.
Видео    8 Man
Музыка    Kim Possible Opening (Polish Version)
Жанр    Action, Character Profile, Trailer
2:14 | 42,5 Мб. | 1280x960 | H.264 / aac
2:14 | 11,9 Мб. | 640x480 | H.264 / aac
2:14 | 90,2 Мб. | 1280x960 | H.264 / aac
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FobosAMV  [ 25 января 2019, 01:43 ]
Фига себе, прям целая поэма в описании будто бы.
Ну а клип..Слишком толсто, товарищ майор
Cane  [ 24 января 2019, 19:43 ]
Мои глаза! Мои уши! Из них идёт кровь! Помогите!
Bean430  [ 23 января 2019, 02:34 ]

Radical Dream  [ 22 января 2019, 09:05 ]
Произошел троллинг
Nicokun  [ 22 января 2019, 00:14 ]
reice  [ 21 января 2019, 23:57 ]
Bean430 (Jean d), where can i find your other amvs?
Bean430  [ 21 января 2019, 23:43 ]
 reice @ 21 January 2019, 13:43 

Spaseba for clearing it up for all of us eng speakers. :smile:

Added (after 23 min. and 3 sec.):

 maple leaf @ 21 January 2019, 07:49 

 Anejo @ 21 January 2019, 06:31 

As for the video credits, i did not get to edit them do to doing them last minute.I Uploaded this video last night.I have no clue how it uploaded so fast technical check went but i was originally going to use PowerPoint for the op credits but somehow i all angered my sciences/computer teacher on Friday by saying that I can not do it any other time(due to the deadline) when he offered to do it nest week.After he got distracted, talking to my math he left do to me, needing to use the bathroom for 3 min. I put the text in the boxes by dragging.I actually shorting it.I was more focused on translation (which I did not even completely do and the credit part.)The only reason I even bother shorting it was that the combined length into and ending was longer then 1 min (the limit). remember, when you put one thing back then you have to put another thing back (The domino effect).I know it is not the best but I was in a time limit.

Added (after 48 min. and 49 sec.):

For all, I made the versions after the Author's Commentary (I only finished the video)So I did not mention them please do not think that a the preview I made at 2 in the morning (11pm pst) is going to look good. As for the standard,I was not sure of the that the standard was to be only 44.7mb I saw last min that my version was not tiny enough (the ALTERNATIVE version was originally the standard version.After deleting one of them by mistake making a preview.) (the one in which the original screenshots that I sent came from. (It slipped my mind when sending them)) Please do not judge (at least in the Technical Section) based on the preview.That is why it is called a preview,It is just for watching.

Added (after 15 min. and 56 sec.):

 Anejo @ 21 January 2019, 06:31 

Скажите, кто посмотрит. Спасибо.Reed the rules. I ones did not past technical check (last year) do to not puting the singer. I put the name of the song just not the singer.
reice  [ 21 января 2019, 21:43 ]
What does nesmogla mean

Straight visualisation of the song lyrics ('2/10' in Russian) ofc
Death_Kn1ght  [ 21 января 2019, 21:39 ]
Слишком сложный троллинг. Если не троллинг - то всё слишком грустно.
Anejo  [ 21 января 2019, 20:46 ]
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