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Potchiamv  [ Potchiamv ]
Annaba, Алжир
The main idea of this video is to create an experience for the viewer of the perspective of a murderer
no one becomes a killer from nothing, there's always a breaking point
either a complicated mental health
or being manipulated by others
the funny about it is that the murderer thinks he's doing the right thing and that depends on what he considered right and wrong
is killing ppl for the sake of killing a murderer considered a good thing?
Does doing wrong moves make other ppl right?
What does it feel like when you support a killer to get his revenge? and in the end, it was just a bloodlust covered by illusions
life is absurd at some points :'')
Видео    Микс [ Weathering With You, Babylon, God of Highschool, Kizumonogatari, A Whisker Away, Zankyou no Terror, Fate/stay Night, Another, Banana Fish, Grisaia no Kajitsu, The Garden of Words ]
Музыка    NF - Intro
Жанр    Drama, Action, Horror
3:28 | 102 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
3:28 | 288 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
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Shaoran  [ 23 января 2021, 21:47 ]
Не обычно смотрятся кадры от Синкая в подобной интерпретации. Не плохо в целом. На Акроссе был уже клип на подобную тематику и с той же музыкой (почти), там получше раскрыта тема https://akross.ru/index.cgi?video=5232
lajt  [ 12 января 2021, 19:12 ]
хорора не увидел от слова совсем,а так весьма красиво и бодро получилось
fr0wnd  [ 10 января 2021, 22:35 ]
Liked the edit. On some spots it felt like the story got a little overwhelming for you (on second viewing I don't think you were overwhelmed but you didn't need to tell so much additional info per text, but that might be my subjective approach) but you worked really well with the song. defo one of the better works yet. :)
MetL storm  [ 09 января 2021, 03:45 ]
Сюжет, визуал, оформление, все понравилось. Очень качественная, красивая работа, но я не смог уловить связь между музыкой и видео, у них разное настроение и темп, на мой личный взгляд.
Kroner  [ 08 января 2021, 20:40 ]
nice one man, good luck!
cegan  [ 06 января 2021, 16:35 ]
interesting video, I liked it but there was too much blur like you're trying to hide flaws, and some of the masking and scene matching was not done well, the scenes matched the music very well though... overall decent and I'm looking forward to seeing you improve in the future
LanPj  [ 06 января 2021, 07:42 ]
Лисёнок-тян  [ 05 января 2021, 21:27 ]
вау! хорошо сделано) 9/10
dumtumdum  [ 05 января 2021, 19:57 ]
good job
KiyoT  [ 05 января 2021, 10:08 ]
OH NICE! The sounds is very good.
I always want more AMVs like this instead of too many transitions.
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