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TForceProduction  [ TForceProduction ]
Cologne, Германия
It's my first time that I try a contest. It is really interesting to see my improvment in the last 10 months. This is my first own written story I tryed to create.
This Video represents our society that we are co-existing with our Smartphone and without that our world will dissapear.
Видео    Микс [ Hyouka, Your Name, SSSS.Gridman, Zankyou no Terror, The Garden of Words, Sword Art Online, K, Noragami, The God of Highschool, Psycho-Pass, Tamako Love Story, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, Hello World, The Wind Rises, Persona 5, My Hero Academia, 5 Centimeters per Second ]
Музыка    Kaskade ft. Ilsey - Disarm You (Illenium Remix)
Жанр    Romance, Drama
4:18 | 124 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
4:18 | 144 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
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JoshyYoshi  [ 17 февраля 2021, 08:14 ]
my favourite entry
EVOsvik  [ 17 февраля 2021, 06:20 ]
Думал что это win но нет.
Glitchpidge  [ 13 февраля 2021, 07:57 ]
There was some really good parts in here well done!!!
Li0n  [ 09 февраля 2021, 23:49 ]
So much work was put into this video and I really like it when people do that. This video is heavily based on composition work so people are really gonna focus more on that. So by not having really solid comps, the viewer is taken out of the video really easily and it's a shame because with the right comps this video would have been really awesome.
The main thing you can really work on and make the comps 100% better is the black/dark colors, like Radical Dreamer pointed out, with whom I completely agree with

 Radical Dream @ 19 January 2021, 10:33 
Actually, I think that the only thing that bugs me too much is that how you compose dark/black colors with the rest of the frame. It's just... won't work like that.

Especially on the eyes which sometimes were too black. You even got the dark right in some scenes. Maybe you just got a bit tired of polishing and left the other full black, I don't know.
Just hope on after effects and play around with the dark values on the artificial eyes and maybe sample a dark value from the character or the background. Pretty sure you can find a different black value that will work better.
Keep trying new stuff out and learn more about compositioning. I see that you are willing to work a lot on a video which most people don't or can't do and you are just missing the correct knowledge and techniques

Overall this is video isn't bad and you as an editor have a lot of potential. Your videos will reach different levels if you manage to fix some things.
Keep going and good luck in the contest!
Nards  [ 08 февраля 2021, 02:35 ]
cyberpunk 2077
i take my breaks at 7/11
many bugs, many bugs
pull and tug, walk my pug
MesoGear  [ 03 февраля 2021, 22:19 ]
Эффорта много, но скилла автору явно немного не хватает, слишком в глаза бросается весь этот эффрт, если вы понимаете о чем я.
AnimeFanaticBoy  [ 31 января 2021, 22:27 ]
I recognized the effort here just some minor issues here
ICEberg  [ 31 января 2021, 20:09 ]
драмы не замечено
романтики не замечено

концепт неплох
но мимо
просто мимо
cegan  [ 28 января 2021, 14:52 ]
cool concept, but the masks could have looked a lot better.
NIGHT  [ 25 января 2021, 16:59 ]
Very nice video :smile:

The contest logo of the at 02:41 is not needed, it does not look at all.
(and there were already two logos - at 00:00 and just excellent at 01:40)
Also, there are logos at the end of the video, at 04:06 - and it turns out that the very first one (00:00) is not needed.

At 02:00, the girl looks at the virtual screen with closed eyes.
At 03:02 - to be honest, it's hard for me to imagine what could give such a shadow on the face on the right (light / shadow / light)
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