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 28 January 2019  
The decisive voting of AKROSS Con 2018 has begun.

All finalists must vote (in "Participant's Panel") until January 30, 21:00 GMT. Please note, your video will get penalty points if you'll miss the deadline (regardless the reasons)!

The winners in all nominations of AKROSS Con 2018 contest will be announced on January, 31.
 26 January 2019  
By the results of viewers' voting, videos of these 5 editors will fill vacant places in the finals:

CacoVenom, DopplerDo, FobosAMV, Oscar, PieandBeer.

To all finalists we remind that final voting will begin on January, 28 (in your "Participant's Panel").
 24 January 2019  
The viewers' voting for additional 5 finalists has begun. You may vote for your favorite videos (up to 10) on this page (you must be registered user to participate).

Results will be announced on January, 26.
 22 January 2019  
By the decision of AKROSS Con 2018 Judging Committee, 40 editors have been appointed for the contest finals:

AoNoFlamez, Arcothy, Azexous, Bimyou, Cegan, Coach, DamnKazu, Davide_hxc, Death_Kn1ght, EnzoAMV, Fataleditz, Giorgi ジオ, Glitzer, Hilary Cullen, IceMooNi, JadeCharm, jinshi, JustRukia, Kawai ishi, Kazumoe, Konst, Kottai, Kroner, MadMegatax, Magikarp, Mari, Miso, muximu, Mycathatesyou69, Not found, Okami & LukeG, okhostok, Orbitchx, PriceQ, Radical Dreamer, rgb, Ridiculous, RoseBeautyDreams, Simfony, UnluckyArtist.

Our congratulations to the editors who made it to the finals!

To those who did not get there directly we remind that you still have chances to fill one of 5 vacant places after the viewers' vote (will begin on January, 24).
 5 December 2018  
Attention Participants! Key dates of final stages of the contest has been adjusted:

Registration deadline - January, 15.
Deadline for entering video's info in "Participant's Panel" - January, 15 (those who will not enter the information will be removed from the list of participants).
Deadline for uploading - January, 20 (all videos that have missed the deadline, will be assigned to "B" group automatically).
Finalists announcement - January, 22 (all videos that have not passed technical checks by that date (regardless of the reason), will be assigned to "B" group automatically).
Viewers Vote for additional finalists - January, 24-26.
Finalists Vote - January, 28-30.
"Viewers' Choice" Vote - January, 30-31.
Winners announcement - January, 31.
 15 November 2018  
Display period of "AKROSS Con 2018" contest has been started. Every few days new contest videos will be premiered on our site. Please watch and don't forget to leave your comments!
 1 October 2018  
AMV contest "AKROSS Con 2018" has been officially opened. Participants may register on the main page. We wish all participants the best of luck!
 23 September 2018  
AKROSS project officially announce 17th International AMV Contest "AKROSS Con 2018"!

Any editor can participate, but only videos never displayed before will be accepted. Registration will begin on October, 1. Approximate deadline for entries - December, 15.

Our special thanks to all users who made this year's contest possible with their donations: Fynjy, Alexboy, Rick Junker, Cegan, gangrell, -Px-, Sowlonya_CheS, Davide_hxc, S†eelshine.
 1 February 2018  
AKROSS Con 2017 contest is officially over! By the results of finalists' vote, the best videos of this year's contest are:

1. Nards - A Moment Apart
2. buggy - Delusion
3. JustRukia - Bloody Tears

The winner of "Viewers' Choice" prize:

Nekroz - Moonlight

"AKROSS Prize" is awarded to:

Cegan - Loneliness

You may find on our site the detailed statistics, full winners list, and traditional opinions of finalists about videos and contest.

We would like to thank all participants, viewers, and commenters!

Our very special thanks goes to users alice2k, Cane, and NIGHT, whose generous donations made this year's contest possible.
 31 January 2018  
After counting all finalists' votes we discovered that the gap in points between 2 best videos in main category is less than 1 full vote. In accordance with contest rules, we started additional vote to determine the ultimate winner of AKROSS Con 2017. We ask all finalists to make your final choice in "Participant's Panel" (deadline - February 1st, 09:00 GMT).

Due to additional vote, announcement of winners in all nominations of AKROSS Con 2017 contest postponed to tomorrow. Preliminary results can be seen on this page.
Nicokun » Why do all the Monsters Come Out At Night?
NIGHT » Hellslayers
First 30 seconds... I've seen all this many times -__- And by the 61st second everything became completely sad: the driving part of the song begins there, but the video sequence was fast and dynamic e…
Лисёнок-тян » Hellslayers
не смотря на заезженность песни, вышло очень даже не плохо)
Kroner » LiVe DreaMs
mmmmm....a little bit strange in terms of sync. Animes didn't match that much between them but the idea in general is not bad. Some clips are really too fast to me. Good luck
Лисёнок-тян » LiVe DreaMs
забавно) мне понравилось)
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1.Kyoto Edits - No Destiny72.3
2.GoldenThunder - "Friend"70.9
3.Radical Dream - Prophecy70.4
4.Ridiculous - Ride on your waves69.8
5.Li0n - Onigiri69.1
6.Kouha - In Dreams69.0
7.NearLight - Wish67.5
8.FT - Dreamer67.2
9.KSANDR - Failure Party67.1
10.WhiteRabbit - TDCOBB AMV66.6
11.Tommy - Yen66.4
12.Artofeel - f(aith)ear66.4
13.Arrow & Lucifer - Steampunk: New Albion66.2
14.aias - Kurobari66.0
15.Kirbygal - Thespian Lesbians65.9
16.MrAuditore & tanott - Sword of Immortality65.8
17.Multi-Editor Project - LOTUS MEP65.6
18.cegan - How to be Eaten by A Woman65.1
19.Extreme-Color - Illusory World64.5
20.Shinzui - Children's Trial63.4
21.okhostok - Reversal63.1
22.NIGHT - Без названия 2 (песня Ольги Арефьевой)62.9
23.Ellafaessa - Rose Nebula62.8
24.GiaQuando - Count Dracula62.7
25.CHarlie_B - Rhythm Zone62.6
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