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Shinzo  [ Shinzo ]
Location:Recife, Brazil
Video: Микс
Audio: Feint - The Journey (feat. Veela)
Genre: Dance
Length: 3:05
Added: 22.11.2012
Viewed: 54474
Author's Commentary
Hello AMV editors!
unfortunately, I don't had time to edit. Recentely I had so much work and I couldn't edit another AMVs.
At first I want to say thanks to all my friends that help me in this project, everyone knows that is really complicated edidt using many animes at the same time with new scenes.
I had a lot of problems with all scenes that I used, after all I have a 'Random' style to edit.

I want to say a special thanks to "WhiteWK", who helps me a lot with the Encoder, and to "Scofield", who shows me some nice scenes to use in this project.

I'm happy to participate, again, to AKROSSCON. I will read all comments about my AMV with love.
Thanks again and enjoy! ^___^
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Viewers Comments (total: 70)
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  stratos-rvs (28 November 2012, 04:14)>http

Added (after 20 sec.):
  Alecsejj13 (28 November 2012, 00:53)      
Красиво,но прошлогодняя работа понравилась больше.
  diegao94 (27 November 2012, 23:50)      
some transitions were nice
  Archer090 (27 November 2012, 22:34)    
до 1:30, за исключением моментов с "упомянанием" часов, отчасти ощущение, что видео и музыка каждый сам по себе, но в целом - смотрится.
  Shinzo (27 November 2012, 21:02)      
Thanks for all the comments :biggrin:
  bluEyEz (27 November 2012, 18:59)      
OMFG VEELA !!! i luv this amv so much nice job mate 10/10
  Yule4ka (27 November 2012, 18:07)     
Спасибо, посмотрела и почувствовала себя свободней. Порой свободы так не хватает... 10/10
  Axiles (27 November 2012, 17:40)    
9 /10 GOOD
  RTW47 (27 November 2012, 16:36)    
pointless interpolation
  MagicDarkLight (27 November 2012, 15:04)      
It gets amazing when the music drops! But yeah this frame blending was really annoying, I'm sure you can find a way to get rid of them so I hope you will :tongue:
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