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AstraProductions  [ LucidAPs, Stratashi ]
Location:Athens, Greece
Video: Various [ One Piece, Ef: A Fairy Tale of The Two, Naruto, Fate/Zero, Hellsing Ultimate, Clannad, Karas, The Animatrix, Darker than Black, Afro Samurai, Toaru Majutsu no Index, Black Lagoon, Batman Gotham Night, Kill Bill, Berserk, Claymore, Canaan, Bakemonogatari, Tokyo majin, Ergo Proxy, Angel Beats!, Kara no kyoukai, Akira, Deadman Wonderland ]
Audio: Trikaz - Samurai 7
Genre: Action
Length: 2:26
Added: 15.12.2012
Viewed: 32096
Author's Commentary
The concept of the video is smoking weed,its a collaboration between the leaders of Astra Productions that took about three months and a lot of work,we wanted to make something to see every second.
to trully understand the video you may have to check the lyrics
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  DREAM_VIP (17 May 2013, 14:06)  

Added (after 30 sec.):

Ну ОЧЕНЬ шикарный клип...
  777lexa777 (09 Febuary 2013, 18:26)  
каша мала какая то, вот если бы всё это упорядочить в историческом порядке хотяб, было куда интереснее
  Fryface (19 January 2013, 16:20)  
guess the problem is that most people watch the browser nonHD and 24fps version. the alt version looks a whole lot better. anyway good luck next time
  Fryface (07 January 2013, 16:49)  
how did this video not get an A?!?!?!? fix that pls! again 9.5
  kyssifur (04 January 2013, 17:17)  
To be honest, neither do I understand how is it possible. I have ambivalent feelings about the whole contest.
  EllipseIris (04 January 2013, 16:30)  
9! If I was you I would have thrown the table that I didn't get into the finals... this amv is just damn well done! :applause:
  DEDninja (04 January 2013, 16:22)  
» LucidAPs:
I am glad you liked it, here are the lyrics:
  Dn@ (04 January 2013, 02:21)  
Not bad, it deserves A.
  iha (04 January 2013, 02:18)  
カッコイイが、たくさん詰め込まれた作品!9.Almost perfect!
  LucidAPs (03 January 2013, 19:04)  
[QUOTE=Sevania,03 January 2013, 00:09][/QUOTE]
I am glad you liked it, here are the lyrics:
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