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Ðяaga  [ Draga ]
Location:Paris, France
Video: Various [ Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru, Shinmai Maou no Testament, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Hyouka, High School of the Dead, Gin no Saji, Gundam Build Fighters Try, Clannad ]
Audio: EDEN - Wake Up
Genre: Sentimental, Character Profile
Length: 2:42
Added: 16.01.2016
Viewed: 29711
Author's Commentary
"What was that sheet of paper?"

Alternative Version = 60 fps

*I don't have a team/studio , AMV Tunisia is a community (I just wanted to make that clear).

Yo! Here is my first Akross AMV (yeah I did a GMV before xD)

I apologize for the long intro , the clip was supposed to have two more minutes...I spend a week on the first minute then I dropped the project , lazyness is OP , can't do anything about it ^^ , in the end I changed my mind and finished the rest in a day (the last day before the deadline) so the result is...(I feel like I will be killed before the end of the Akross xD) I just didn't want to throw what I have already done :D
I am bad with color corrections so I tried to use colors in my own way and this is what happened...otherwise the story is rather simple :)

Anyway , I think i have said too much things for an AMV like this one ,it's too bad that I couldn't work properly on the video but I tried to keep my original idea even if I rushed the second part a lot (the one day marathon...)

Special thanks to Kazeshin and Lightningarrow , I think without them I would have never done a non-IC min (the first minute...) yeah it's a miracle for me...

PS1 : 02:18 AE is completly trolling me , I used trapcode...too late for a re-render...-_-'
PS2 : This may be my last AMV , though I just put a "sum up" of the main description , the book will be released on Youtube.
PS3 : I hope you are bad at japanese , I only know how to read/write hiragana and katakana , therefore google was my biggest friend :D
PS4 : I don't have a PS4 T_T
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Viewers Comments (total: 34)
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  DEDninja (14 Febuary 2016, 21:51)  
Хорошая работа, впечатление незаконченного клипа. Техника и музыка/видео очень даже по вкусу.
Опенинг на 37 сек это слишком много. Некоторым только это уже испортит впечатление на целую работу.
Мои 9/10
  ZaRish (07 Febuary 2016, 11:21)  
Классно, но с такой неспешностью лучше было сделать + 40 секунд клипа вместо заставок.
Про Second chance не слишком было понятно из видео. Лучше бы персонаж пошёл с улыбкой в будущее, либо побежал за девушкой. 7.2/10
  Miso (06 Febuary 2016, 18:11)  
NICE, I like it,
yeah, the intro is long ;)
  Cenit (06 Febuary 2016, 16:18)  
40 seconds of intros must be a new record...
  Jet (03 Febuary 2016, 06:20)  
Feels axed.
  Kvant (03 Febuary 2016, 00:27)  
Иньересно... АМВ-Тунис из Парижа. Впрочем, эт лирика...
Куча понтовых заставок и затем,... практически слайд-шоу.
Character Profile и близко нет.
  Fifafef (02 Febuary 2016, 17:13)  
nice :)
  CmoididiReal (02 Febuary 2016, 13:04)  
Je vient de maté pas mal de clip la, scandaleux que tu soit pas finaliste y a de la pure merde qui est passé, j'ai deja com sur YT gg
  Draga (28 January 2016, 20:42)  
@Armed Thanks :)
  Armed (28 January 2016, 15:01)  
Техника хорошая. 8.5/10
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