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Location:Popayan, Colombia
Video: Kimi no Na wa
Audio: Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie - Just a Dream
Genre: Drama, Romance, Story
Length: 3:22
Added: 17.12.2017
Viewed: 5977
Author's Commentary

This is my first participationin a AKROSS Con, I'm so happy :p
the AMV is a romantic Story: with flashes of drama, I hope you can understand it...
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Viewers Comments (total: 17)
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  Whiterock (25 December 2017, 00:11)  
Damn, if only anime would have ended like in this video without Deus Ex machina that saved everyone...

You did quite well delivering the feeling of the anime, but, as it was mentioned before "Kimi no Na wa." is a mainstream of this year in AMV, and just replicating the story is not enough to hit good scores.
Ans as buggy and NIGHT said, why did you have to ruin the original visuals so much? :(
  NIGHT (24 December 2017, 23:02)  
Author, please make the clip version without over-white levels, with the original color and without blending.
And please do not use the program Lavf55.21.100 for encoding because of it the image is divided into pixels. Use AMVSimpleGUI or BakaEncoder.
  hadez san (23 December 2017, 04:11)  
  buggy (22 December 2017, 18:09)  
welp, you managed to ruin this movie's beautiful animation..that's impressive
  MesoGear (22 December 2017, 17:40)  
Пожалуй уже можно с уверенностью сказать, что баяном года будет киминонава. :biggrin:

по клипу, ну первое что бросается в глаза, это ужасно пересвеченная и мыльная от блендинга картинка. В остальном не сильно отличается от того, что уже было на коне на этот исходник. Почкуетесь со страшной силой. :sad:
  Axiles (22 December 2017, 17:02)  
  Shino (22 December 2017, 14:23)  
Ресемпл - круто :/
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