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Hilary Cullen  (Regeneration)  [ Hilary Cullen ]
Santana, Brazil
Hello! For this project, I used a Brazilian song. The language barrier was a worry for me, but I've taken care of an English translation (I'd like to have a Russian one available too, but since I don't know Russian, I'll owe you this one). I recommend that you check it out, since the lyrics are very important for the concept. You can read the translation here:

Below, I'll be talking about my idea for the AMV, so if you prefer taking your own conclusions first, you can go on to watch it with no problem. The only thing you should know when going into this AMV is that it's not a story per say, so you shouldn't worry about remembering all the characters present in it. Instead, concentrate on what happens around them and how they're affected, and how the song goes into it.
Now, what this AMV is about. When working on this, I tried to show the deep connection among the diverse forms of life in our planet, the natural (and supernatural) mysteries of this world and the smallness of human race in face of nature and its age-old wisdom and unpredictability. I planned to use a different song when I decided to run for this contest, but when I realized how perfectly "maré" went with "Mushishi", I had to edit it as soon as possible. After making this association I understood the song much better, so I fell in love with this concept. It's fascinating to me how it goes in a scientific direction at the same time it can go in a spiritual direction. I just hope other people think it's interesting too, haha.

The poem I refer to in the beginning, "Continent's End", is perfect for the concept of this AMV. I recommend that you check it out if you can; the last three stanzas are my favorite (really wish I could've put them into the video, but I hate AMV full with text). Mushishi is the main anime used in this video and if you watched it, I hope you'll be able to see even deeper into the concept. The other ones were mostly visual support, but the "one is all, all is one" philosophy of Fullmetal Alchemist goes really well into this AMV, too (which is why I used that last scene). So, there are a lot of references to the ocean, forest and life within nature in general in this AMV. Quintessence, the title, refers to this: the purest state of life, where we are most basic and most complex.

Without further ado, I hope you'll enjoy it!
Video    Various [ Mushishi, Mushishi Tokubetsu-hen: Hihamukage, Mushishi: The Next Chapter, Mushishi Zoku-Shō Tokubetsu-hen: Odoro no Michi, Mushishi: Zoku-Shō: Suzu no Shizuku, Angel's Egg, The Great Passage, A Lull in the Sea, Hybrid Child, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, From the New World, Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal ]
Audio    Scalene - maré
Genre    Psychedelic
3:00 | 56,0 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
3:00 | 14,0 Mb. | 640x360 | H.264 / aac
3:00 | 134 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
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Total comments: 35 « [1] 2 3 4 »
Alexboy  [ 04 Febuary 2018, 03:46 ]
Very quintessential.
I like it. :iriska:
Fynjy  [ 30 January 2018, 18:43 ]
Fav this year.
vontoki  [ 29 January 2018, 17:00 ]
i like it!
Hikikom0ri  [ 28 January 2018, 05:18 ]
Quintessence has a magically attractive and mysterious atmosphere, almost as if it were the realized wish of a mystical glimpse of the author. The sophisticated "simplicity" just enhances the tone, leading us to supernatural fantasies. It is a pity that such spiritual and allegorical works as this one do not have the proper reception - which is perfectly intelligible, after all we are not talking about a common work. There is soul here, and this enigmatic concentration of soul is certainly the essence of the project. Parabéns, Hillary. Espero que você consiga uma posição altíssima. :cool:
Hilary Cullen  [ 28 January 2018, 05:10 ]
Now that the contest is almost over, I'd like to thank everyone who spared the time to watch my AMV and left comments. This is my first time in an international contest and the AKROSS Con in particular looked like something unreachable to me for quite some time. Many of the AMVs that inspired me back in 2010-2013 were from AKROSS Con, so it's been a great experience participating this year. I was nervous when I registered and when I sent this video, but everything after that was worth the initial nerves. I was true to myself in the work I showcased and for that I can be proud, whatever the results. So, thank you!
Fynjy  [ 27 January 2018, 13:39 ]
Крутой концепт, м/в отлично сливается, на выходе создавая необычную, очень интересную атмосферу. Единственное angel's egg, выбивается из общего стиля.
Очень понравилось.
nivniv42  [ 24 January 2018, 14:52 ]
I'm in love with this AMV! ♡ Great choice of song!
Megamen  [ 23 January 2018, 11:51 ]
ICEberg  [ 21 January 2018, 13:12 ]
история удалась

но где тут психодел?
MesoGear  [ 17 January 2018, 23:55 ]
 Kvant @ 01 January 2018, 08:18 
К сожалению не нашел хорошего перевода лирики на русский

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