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eddiction  [ eddiction ]
Location:Sevilla, Spain
Video: Kizumonogatari
Audio: EDEN - crash
Genre: Drama, Story, Romance
Length: 3:34
Added: 23.12.2018
Viewed: 4878
Author's Commentary
The loss of a loved one, something we have all experienced or will experience throughout our lives.

About the story:

This video follows a restructure of the original Kizumonogatari films story between Koyomi Araragi and Tsubasa Hanekawa. In the beginning, Araragi sees Hanekawa die in front of him, which causes him great pain and sorrow.

Following up, two events before her death are shown: The first time they met and then a situation where Araragi cuts off their relationship. Because of this situation, Hanekawa finds Araragi fighting and tries to get their relationship back the way it was again, but she dies in the process (the start of the video).

The next two events shown in the video occur after Hanekawa's death. In the first one, Hanekawa comes from heaven so she can meet Araragi once again and tell him he was not responsible for her death. In the end, Araragi feels so alone without her, but realizes he should move forward with his life and accept what happened, knowing that he will always be in her heart from wherever she may be.
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  TheCacoVenom (23 January 2019, 01:31)  
» eddiction:
esa es visitanos
  ICEberg (20 January 2019, 15:43)  
про то, как девочка хотела мальчика
было бы технично - если бы не поля
имеются формальные признаки романтики
история невнятна
драма не обнаружена
  Cane (18 January 2019, 14:45)  
Приятное и спокойное АМВ, вполне соответствует жанрам, техника на хорошем уровне, с качественной синхрой. 8.2/10
  eddiction (16 January 2019, 00:39)  
» TheCacoVenom
gracias! por cierto, que es zona amv y como podria unirme?

Added (after 11 sec.):

» Kawai ishi
  Kawai ishi (14 January 2019, 18:10)  
I saw ACE! :wow:
  TheCacoVenom (11 January 2019, 22:33)  
bueno trabajo bro, pasate por zona amv para recibir consejos, buena suerte
  Kvant (10 January 2019, 12:20)  
Скучная и какая-то совсем не какая романтика. Автор, кажется, хотел цепануть (только?) техническими финтефлюшками, не знаю кого как, а меня не цепанул.
Пы. Сы. Скачал тут днями первые серии Гатарей, дай Бог скоро доберусь посмотреть. Если исходник не отобьёт желание, то уже давно знаю на какую песенку буду делать. Лет через семь ждите клипик :gigi:
  eddiction (07 January 2019, 02:20)  
» Lucidity
you can after its premiered on here

Added (after 8 sec.):

» Miso

Added (after 47 sec.):

» Fynjy
alright, thanks for taking your time to translating it
  Fynjy (05 January 2019, 22:20)  
» eddiction:
I don't speak russian so I don't know what the russian comments are saying :(
My comment says somthing like, “nothing interesting here”, mediocre Gatari video, with not the best m/v choice. Not really good, but not bad.
  Miso (05 January 2019, 21:41)  
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