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Giorgi ジオ  [ Giorgi ジオ ]
Location:Kutaisi, Georgia
Video: Kiznaiver, Hyouka
Audio: Breenan Savage - Catastrophe (prod. vague003)
Genre: Drama
Length: 3:42
Added: 09.01.2019
Viewed: 3111
Author's Commentary
The basic concept behind the edit is that a meteor is going to hit the earth,and during that time there will be random catastrophes happening on earth, so I'm gonna try to capture these catastrophes and build a storyline with it !
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Viewers Comments (total: 23)
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  Axiles (21 Febuary 2019, 18:32)    
  iMCoach (29 January 2019, 04:48)      
Interesting to see one of you here. I'll be honest I hit play on the video very skeptical but I came out the other end thinking "those around him probably don't understand how long this probably took" some parts are iffy and could've used more time. However you should be proud of what you attempted and know that some portions of the video came out really nicely.
  TheCacoVenom (28 January 2019, 16:46)      
good concept
  Монстр у смогу (28 January 2019, 09:06)    
Не досить добре
  MesoGear (27 January 2019, 15:03)     
Я конечно извиняюсь, но не смог удержаться...
  Death_Kn1ght (27 January 2019, 12:18)      
Как-то в попытках делать 3д автор забыл что надо делать еще и амв. Кроме этого 3д в клипе все плохо. Особенно доставил плящущий нос крупным планом, не, ну серьезно, куда смотрели тестеры то. Прочитав коммент понял, что все, что автор хотел показать ни разу не показано. Вообще по персонажам не ощущается, что по ним шяс влупит метеоритом. Где слезы, сопли? Посмотрите Falling Earth на креаспейсе, там тема раскрыта как надо. Для меня работа мимо, удачи.
  ICEberg (27 January 2019, 10:47)     
как-то совсем мимо
развития сюжета не замечено
драмы не замечено
бессмысленные поля замечены
  InsanitySupporter (26 January 2019, 21:43)     
I love the concept in this and the way you executed it. I think sometimes the style differences between kiznaiver and hyouka are too obvious but i think it's not a big deal.
Overall, enjoyable video!
  Giorgi ジオ (26 January 2019, 17:33)    
thanks for the opinions , i know the twixtor was fucked because of the render, it looked different in the preview, and i will keep in mind your detailed responses about stuff as well
  OscarAMV (26 January 2019, 17:03)     
do not get me wrong, I liked the video, but what is that scrawl (min 1:30), you need to train a bit using the twixtor. I see some lip flap. i really like the atmosphere. 8+ for me
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