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Location:Grafton, USA
Video: Various [ D.Gray-man, D.Gray-man Hallow, Twin Star Exorcists, Noragami, The Promised Neverland, Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, Steins;Gate 0, From the New World ]
Audio: MY FIRST STORY - Mukoku
Genre: Drama, Action
Length: 2:08
Added: 27.12.2019
Viewed: 1763
Author's Commentary
This AMV illustrates a video of broken memories, tragedy, self-completion, and hope. I've always been drawn to the journey of characters and used different sources to add additional layers of depth to characters I appreciate. I became more introspective these past few months when editing and with me finishing a vital year in my life and headed to a new journey ahead, I can relate to some of the bittersweet facets of this AMV.
While it contains so action elements, it is primarily drama-based.

This is the first time I'm ever competing and I'm really looking forward to view the work of so many great editors here!
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Viewers Comments (total: 6)
  Kvant (05 Febuary 2020, 13:55)  
Слишком большой сумбур.
(От этого, в том числе,) драмы нет и в помине. Как экшен, ну более-менее.
Больше похоже на трейлер.
  MesoGear (17 January 2020, 02:41)  
Ничего не понял, но как экшн сгодится.
  ICEberg (15 January 2020, 14:49)  
махач и флешбеки
драмы не замечено
смысл разноаспекта и полей неясен

трейлер же классический
  GoldenThunder (12 January 2020, 02:32)  
You need to increase consistency on your flow and impact because like this the video feels like a late night brainstorming
  AnimeFanaticBoy (11 January 2020, 20:48)  
I like how some other people is doing some appreciation to MY FIRST STORY.
  Encruzio (11 January 2020, 20:07)  
Хороший альтернативный опенинг. В плане экшна уступает некоторым клипам , которые были раньше опубликованы.
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